Ashlee and Drew

How We Met: Drew and I met in April of 2013. I was sitting in one of the common areas at school working on Personal Finance homework. It was around 9 o’clock and she was fed up with schoolwork at that point. (If you know me at all, you know that when I can’t focus anymore on schoolwork, I gets a sudden craving for ice cream.) Well around 9:15 or so, in walks one of her best friends (Cameron) with this guy she had never seen before.

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And the first thing she noticed is that they both had ICE CREAM!! Cameron introduced his friend Drew and I politely said, “nice to meet you.” He seemed very shy but that is expected when you are first meeting someone. The two guys sat down to watch a movie while I continued my schoolwork (and hating Cameron because he didn’t bring me an ice cream).

For a little while, Drew started coming around and hanging out with Cameron more. He would show up at volleyball, we would all hang out for movie nights and I quickly saw him as part of the gang; we were all friends. Well little did I know, Cameron and Destiny were secretly plotting to get me and Drew together. I found out that he liked I in the summer while I was on vacation in Mexico.

When I came back to Oklahoma, we started to talk a little bit more and met up at Starbucks for the very first time. As we sat there talking for nearly 3 hours, I was still dead set on the fact that he and I would only be friends. But he would not give it up. He asked me out on a date to an Oklahoma City Redhawks game. He knew that I liked baseball and I said yes to the date just to humor my friends and make sure I was right about Drew….. but I still was not interested.

Soon after they tried the whole dating thing, I realized that it wasn’t fair to him to continue the way they were going if I was not interested. So, I called it off. I had just entered into her senior year of college and had got a job at Victory Church in Norman. There was a lot on my plate already and I decided that I was not going to be able to commit to a relationship at that point in my life.

Drew was devastated, but he never gave up. Throughout the year he would text me randomly saying little things like “Hey, how are things?” “How have you been?” and sometimes I would just ignore it. Secretly, I was hoping that he would get the hint that I was not interested. He pursued me for nearly a year!! Well graduation season came near and we started hanging out a little more in groups and seeing each other at volleyball and other group events.

In May, I graduated from college (best day of my life). As I was getting ready to walk across the stage to receive my diploma, I looked up into the bleachers and see HIM sitting there with another friend! I waved and smiled and was so glad that he was there so support me and Cameron at graduation. After the ceremony ended, all of the graduates walked outside so their friends and family could find them.

Amidst all of he craziness of graduation day, I couldn’t find Drew to thank him for coming. My family family was getting into the car to go to lunch and all of the sudden…I see him!! I jumped out of the car and rush over to him. I then thanked him for coming and told him that it meant a lot to me that he was there. As we said our goodbyes, that’s when it hit me…. I LIKED HIM!!! Seriously?! This is the same guy that I only saw herself as being another really good friend, nothing more.

As you can probably guess, Drew and I started to get really close after graduation. From texting, to talking on the phone…. he even helped me move into my apartment. All the while, I couldn’t wait to see him whenever we would all hang out!

Our feelings for each other began to get stronger the more we were around each other. Finally, he asked me out for dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen. He surprised me with sunflowers (my favorite) and nervously asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes and the rest is history. I would have never entered into this relationship if I had not seen a future with Drew. I am glad I said yes and can’t wait for what God has in store with the man of my dreams:)

how they asked: On August 2, 2015 (two years after their very first date) Drew proposed! The day started out very normal but the afternoon is when all of the magic happened. If you know Ashlee at all you know that she loves anything Disney. Together, both Drew and Ashlee love the movie “Up.” Drew thought that his proposal should take on the “Up” theme in order to really impress Ashlee.

Throughout the proposal, there were multiple references to the movie. Drew took Ashlee to the Myriad Botanical Garden in downtown Oklahoma City. They had never been to this place before so it was an adventure for both of them. As they walked inside the garden they came to a waterfall. Next to the waterfall was a messenger bag tied to a bunch of balloons. Inside the bag was an “Adventure Book” that was an exact replica of the one from the movie. The ring was tied to a string inside the book.

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As they got to the waterfall, Drew stood towards Ashlee and said the sweetest words. He said that throughout the last 2 years, every moment with her had been an adventure. He then asked if she would live every day as an adventure with him for the rest of their lives. Then he picked up the messenger bag, pulled out the Adventure Book and then asked her to marry him.

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After the proposal, Drew surprised Ashlee with an engagement party at the Oklahoma City Dodgers game. There, her family and friends were all waiting for her. Her parents drove in from San Diego as a complete surprise. They were surrounded by the people that they loved the most!

Photos by: Teresa Lang Design