Ashlee and Daniel

ProposalHow We Met: I met Daniel back in November 2006 at college. We both attended Lincoln University. I was a sophmore and he was a junior. I was very loud, out-going, went to all the parties, skipped classes from time to time, etc. He was more laid back, quiet, kind of shy and pretty much kept to himself. He was a RA (Resident Advisor) at the time so whenever I came to the boys side of the dorm, he would sign me in and take my ID etc. We always shared small talk because my friends room was directly across from where he sat in his desk at when he was on duty. One day I was visiting with my friend having a little room party when he up and kicked me out for a girl…you know why *wink wink*.

My coat purse and keys were in his room and he wasn’t answering the door for nothing. I was stuck. I had seen Daniel sitting at the desk looking lonely so I sparked up some conversation. We talked for the next couple hours or so and simply enjoyed one anothers company. Eventually over the next week we exchanged numbers and it was time to go home for Christmas break. We talked EVERY SINGLE DAY over the break! Literally! When we came back to school, I went and unpacked, got my room together and went directly to see him. It was like January 6th or 7th I believe but right there in his room standing in front of his closet after we hugged and shared a short kiss I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes! We began having movie night, eating in the cafe together, I would go cheer him on at his soccer games etc. It was so cute! The school year ended and I came back home to Pittsburgh and he went back home to New York. (Hes originally from Tinidad and Tobego though..I got me an island boy!). We didnt see each other over the summer. We eventually hit a rough patch and broke up. When school started back up in the Fall,(I’m now a junior and he’s a senior) HE asked ME to be his girlfriend. I was hesitant but accepted. The year 2008 was so magical for us! It was complete bliss at its best :-) Ok so fast forward… he graduated and I followed a little later. He decided that he wanted to be closer to me and that spending the Holidays together was not enough. (The distance was hard but we made it work). He moved to Pittsburgh in May 2010 and we got an apartment together that August. Weve been trucking along ever since…

how they asked: Ok so we’ve talked about marriage several times throughout our relationship. We’ve been together going on 5 years now and both of us have been back and forth with the whole thing. When I felt I was ready he wasn’t and vice versa. It’s now my birthday October 25, 2011. We were out shopping and running errands and shared a quick lunch together. We were kind of rushing because we had to get home and get ready to meet up with our friends later that night. Our last stop was Walmart. (Since weve been together he bought me a cake every year for my birthday. He told me about a place he wanted to get my cake from this year but it was an hour drive and I didn’t want to go that far just for some birthday cake). When we entered the store, we went straight to the bakery section. He told me to find a cake or dessert I liked and he’d get it for me. I’m looking around eyeing everything when he calls me over and asks me to look at a specific cake. It was proped up on display.

I come over to read the cake and it said “Ashlee Will You Marry Me“. I had to read it a good 5 times in 60Proposal Cake seconds. I finally snapped out of it and turned towards him and he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. I WAS COMPLETELY SHOCKED!! I got really hot and my eyes started to water but in the mix I found the courage to say YES! He got up put the ring on my fnger, gave me the biggest bear hug ever and kissed me! There was a crowd around us by this time and everyone was clapping and saying congratulations. It took a while for it to sink in because I had abosolutely no idea he was going to ask me. (He had told my parents the day before though). We’ve been engaged for a month now and I couldnt be happier.

Here’s the ring!

We havent officially started planning yet but were looking to spend the rest of our life together in either May or June of 2013.