Ashlee and Austin

Where to Propose in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

How We Met

We met March of 2015 and were each other’s first love. We went off to college and went our separate ways only to reconnect years later and get engaged after dating for 2 years.

Ashlee's Proposal in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

how they asked

We were off to Jackson Hole, WY for a little Christmas vacation with our friends… little did I know that Austin and our friends were in on the whole proposal! Our friends Charlie and Walker Franks flew out separately with the ring so I (Ashlee) wouldn’t have a clue. We went out for a little ride to these gorgeous old barns that were perfectly preserved and were positioned in front of the gorgeous Teton Mountains.

As we were getting our picture taken Austin started talking to me about the time in 2005 when we were dating and asked me if I remembered our conversation from way back when on when he told me he found the spot where he would ask me to marry him one day… well it was that exact spot and next thing I know he’s down on one knee! I was in shock to say the least but it is one of my greatest memories ever!