Ashlea and Elijah

How We Met

Elijah coached my first day at our CrossFit gym- CrossFit Richardson!

How They Asked

We were supposed to get dinner with a good friend, Terry, at a fancy steak place. The plan was to meet at Terry’s house and ride together. When we called to say we were almost there, Terry said he was dropping off his kids and that he needed a few more minutes. So to kill time we decided to go to my favorite park which is right next to Terry’s house. As we pulled up the park we saw high schoolers taking homecoming pictures, and as we kept driving I saw a banner strung across a few trees. I thought it was a set up for more homecoming pictures about to happen but Elijah wanted to check it out.

We started to walk toward it and as we got closer I realized it wasn’t a banner but it was pages from Elijah’s journal covered top to bottom, front to back in his handwriting. Elijah had been journaling after every date since our very first date (over a year ago) and had kept them for this moment. I started freaking out and all Elijah kept telling me was to read them. I read the first one as he walked off to a bench at the end of the letters. I read all about our first date from his perspective and how he felt and his thoughts after it. I remember starting to shake, looking for him, finding him and running to where he was sitting. He stood up to meet me with a final letter in which he ended by getting down on one knee asking me to marry him!