Ashlea and Caleb

How We Met

I met the man of my dreams our Freshman year of high school in 2007. We were in the same Language Arts class, he was so quiet and shy when we first met. Our sophomore year is when we became really close once we realized we had just about every core class together. Chemistry is where we really talked ended up talking, because we were the only sophomores in there. being the only sophomores in our chemistry class, anytime we had a lab we automatically stuck together. Caleb and I became best friends right away and everything stayed plutonic for almost two years! On May 14 2010 we finally became official! After our senior year Caleb got accepted to his dream school, College of the Ozarks to pursue a degree in chemistry. I decided to start my career first, and stayed local. His school was 2 hours away and with our busy schedules we unfortunately lost touch. In April of 2015 we began talking again. In May he graduated, and surprisingly enough he got not only the job that he wanted, but it just so happened to be pretty close to me.

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how they asked

September 12, 2015 was the big day! I of course had no idea. It was Caleb’s 23rd birthday and we had decided to just have a normal day with a special dinner, just like we always do for our birthdays. Our birthday’s just happen to be 18 days apart, so we never really plan anything big. Caleb picked me up early that morning to go see my best friend’s daughter play soccer. I knew we were going to go hiking and look for a cave, but he wanted to wait around lunch time so we could just grab lunch afterwards. Around noon we started heading towards the cave. We found the trail quickly and the view was just incredible I could not wait to actually get to the cave. I kept wanting to stop and take pictures, but Caleb kept insisting that we keep going. Finally we get to the entrance of the cave and crawl through an opening to the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Caleb finally let me take a picture! In the process of me taking my picture his mother Sarah, my two best friends Jess and Katie, and Katie’s little girl Riley all came out. By the time I had finished taking my picture and turn around Caleb is on one knew with the biggest smile I think he’s ever had! I then turn to see my friends and Sarah, I immediately burst into tears. I started trembling with happiness. We had been through it all over the years and he had decided that even with everything he wanted to make me his wife. I was so happy that I not only got to experience that with him, but also with those that I truly care about.

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