Ashima and Alexander

How We Met

I’m not sure where to exactly begin with “Our Story” except to talk about the extraordinary circumstances and the chances it took for Ashima and I to meet! In short, Ashima was a medical student in India who was conducting her hospital rotations in America. On the other hand, I had just changed my duty station that happened to put me in the right place and the right time to meet Ashima.

I think what makes our relationship unique is that we love working out together just so that we can eat more food. I wouldn’t call ourselves “foodies,” but we are on a “seefood” diet where we just see food and eat it. Our favorite type of food or cuisine is Japanese Ramen and Korean BBQ; we go out to eat either of the two pretty frequently. Other than that, we have very different hobbies and especially different taste in music. Fun fact, I usually turn on heavy-metal songs to keep me awake during long drives; however, this causes Ashima to immediately fall asleep. Thankfully, our idea of having fun is very similar and essentially boils down to being comfortable. We enjoy being “lazy” and staying in most nights to either cook, order pizza, and watch our favorite movies and shows. I’m not sure if we’re just getting old, but it helps that we have a lot of mutual friends that enjoy hanging out at someone’s house and playing board games rather than going out to bars.

I first knew that she at least wanted to keep seeing me when I totally botched the reservation at an Italian restaurant on our first date and we had to ride back on our Uber and go eat street Mexican food instead. We still ended up having a great time; however, I knew she really wanted to see me again when I took her to eat Pho on our second date and she was unfazed by me sweating profusely (and I’m known to sweat a lot) due to the spices, hot sauce, and the fact that we were seated outside during the summer (I definitely made the worst combination of choices that date). I knew she was the one when I realized how much our relationship has caused me to mature and how every aspect of my life improved because of her. People always say that “You know when you’ve met the one” and I always thought that was so cliché. I’m now a believer because I knew Ashima was the one when I felt the level of happiness and joy I have never felt before and how much I wanted to share it with her for the rest of my life. I knew that I would never be the same without her in my life and I couldn’t imagine life before her and without her.

How They Asked

Our proposal story isn’t anything out of this world, but I proposed to her at Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park with Midtown Atlanta in the background and with couple of our closest friends as surprise guests for Ashima. I chose this spot because Ashima really loves Atlanta and one day hopes that we settle there. Additionally, the second part of the surprise was that our wedding venue, the Peachtree Club, has a skyline terrace that overlooks the exact spot I proposed at.

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