Ashia and Eddie

how we met

Ashia and Eddie met on Valentine’s Day in 2013, but they didn’t think much of it! They met at Starbucks on UCI campus, she handed him a flier advertising shaved snow as a fundraiser, and he bought her a strawberry black tea. Then, he walked her to class. They hit it off naturally, but he was studying criminology and she was studying biology, and they thought they wouldn’t cross paths again. But they met up again when they took the same management law class. After that they thought, “Hey, this could be something special.”

how they asked

More than 6 years later, Eddie was in law school and Ashia was working as a nurse. He was taking an exam that day and told her that he had to go back to the school to discuss his exam with his professor. Little did she know that he went to plan the proposal! He invited her out to date night at an escape room, something Ashia had been wanting to do forever. She expected to fail on their first escape room, but they seemed to solve all the clues and puzzles (because Eddie knew all the answers). On the very last clue, a bag of coins fell from the ceiling and Ashia dumped it out on the floor to look for more clues. Of course, the ring was in there! And he got on one knee and proposed (awkwardly!) because Ashia was kneeling on the floor as well! But, of course, Ashia said YES!

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