Asheton and Luke

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nashville, Tennessee

How We Met

It all started in the summer of 2013. I had just made it through my first year of college and was looking for a place I could become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Little did I know the class I signed up to take would forever change my life. Asheton had just graduated from high school and was also looking for a place to be certified as a CNA before enrolling at Northwest Community College. Ironically, we both decided to take the class at NHC in Moulton Alabama. It was there that I met the most amazing girl that I could have ever dreamed of meeting. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Asheton and me to hit it off. It all started with simple questions of “Where are you from?” Where do you go to school?” “How old are you?” It didn’t take long before Asheton and I showed particular interest in one another to say the least. As everyone else in the class stayed at NHC and ate in the cafeteria, Asheton and I were going out to eat with one another.

The first place we ever ate together was Taco Bell, which I still to this day say was our first date, but Asheton don’t seem to care much for me telling everyone that! As the weeks progressed, we started carpooling to cut down on the gas, which I believe led to us becoming closer. Two months later, I asked Asheton if she would be my girlfriend while we were at the beach for her birthday. I would have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. The weeks of dating grew into months and the months turned to years, time was flying, but it always does when you are having fun. Asheton and I were head over heels for one another. We couldn’t wait to get out of class or off from work to see each other and do whatever it was that day to make us happy. While in Florence Al, one of our favorite things to do was walk the old train bridge. We would go and spend hours on the bridge and just talk about anything and everything. It was how we loved to spend our time away from work and school.

how they asked

…As the years passed and it became closer to time for me to graduate, I decided I was ready to ask Asheton to marry me. Months of planning led to an amazing proposal. For months, I searched the Internet for ideas about proposing and different locations. I wanted to surprise her, but I didn’t want it to be obvious what was happening. I started researching different locations in Nashville, and that is when I came across John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. Never in a million years as a child walking across that bridge to go to watch the Titans play did I ever think that would be where I proposed. The bridge has beautiful view of the Cumberland River and the building in the Nashville skyline makes for some beautiful pictures. I decided this is where I would ask Asheton to marry me. I planned for several weeks on this location to make sure everything was perfect. On December 10th, 2016, Asheton and I headed to Nashville for the night.

I told her I had a surprise and pack a bag just in case we decided to stay if it got too late. She had been wanting to go to Grogans Jewelers for the longest just to look at rings and I had told her the weekend before maybe next week we can go. So as we headed out for Nashville, Asheton really and truly believed we were going to Grogans at Bridge Street in Huntsville to look at rings. I let her believe that’s what we were doing for a while before I took a left on I-65 and headed for Nashville. She was a little upset to say the least about not getting to go shopping and look at rings. As we headed up the road she began asking me multiple questions about where we were going so I thought since she was already a little worked up, why not just pick with her a little more. I began hinting that we were coming to Pulaski to go hunting, because it was going to be a great weekend for it. I went on to tell her… well maybe next weekend we will go shopping. WOW!

That really may have took it a little too far, she was very upset!! As we passed the Pulaski exits, I started to notice the look on her face wasn’t as bad as it was before. Again she began to ask where we were going, but this time I didn’t say anything. I just let her ask question after question without answering. Once we were in Nashville, she had a smile on her face and said “I’m so glad we are going to Opry Mills to go shopping!” Once again she was wrong… As I took the exit and headed for downtown she looked at me and said “Luke are you serious?” What are we going to do in downtown Nashville?” Did you get us concert tickets?” We finally found a parking place and went to get an appetizer at a restaurant. As we finished our meal I went to the bathroom and gave the photographer one last phone call to make sure everything was set up and he was ready. As we left the restaurant, I told Asheton I wanted her to see the bridge and the sky at sunset because it was really pretty.

She agreed, so we headed towards the bridge. As we started walking along the bridge I began to get more nervous with each step I took. The photographer had told me when I last talked to him that he had laid a gift card down where he wanted me to stop, so as we were walking I was constantly glancing around for the gift card to make sure I didn’t miss it. We were almost halfway across the bridge when Asheton finally looked at me and said “Babe it’s like 30 degrees out here, I’m freezing, where are we going?” Honestly I was stunned because I really had no answer until I looked about 10 ft to my left and there laid the gift card. We walked towards the edge of the bridge and looked off into the sunset as the water rolled by. I began talking to Asheton, but the words weren’t exactly coming out right. I began asking her…”Do.. Do.. Do… you love me? She responded with “Of course I do” that is when I began to get down on one knee. She looked at me and said “Oh Luke stop…” because this was not the first time I had done this, all the other times were either with a ring pop or my class ring that I received and went through the same motions I was going through now, only now this was certainly no ring pop!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nashville, Tennessee

As I began to open the box, tears began to fill her eyes. She knew this time it was different. “Asheton Shabree Parker…Will you marry me?” It was then that my beautiful bride said “YES!”

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