Ashauntae and Kendrick

Proposal Ideas At our house

How We Met

Our story is pretty funny! We’ve been around the same people all our lives but never cross paths until we were adults. I went to school, participated in sports, and graduated with one of his best friends. I use to take my car to his dads’ car wash every Saturday to get my car cleaned, and sometimes when I was unable to get away from work his brother would come to the salon and pick my car up. We also both worked out at the same gym. I’m good friends with his cousin who happens to have a child by one of my cousins. Well back in 2010 it was my friend(his cousins) birthday and we went out to celebrate. He saw me with her and started inquiring about me. After that, he seemed like now I seen him everywhere….the car wash, the gym, etc. He continued to send messages to me through her so one day I decided to reach out to him. I sent him a message on Twitter that said: “I heard you’ve been asking about me, if you’re that interested you should reach out to me directly!” From there we exchanged phone numbers, began to work out together, started dating and the rest is history. We have two beautiful children and I can’t wait to be Mrs. Shaw!!! 12/31/2019

How They Asked

Christmas is undeniably my favorite time of year!! The merrier the better. We (I) decorate the entire house. On Christmas Eve we were getting the kids things together we put everything under the tree, ate the cookie and drank the milk lol, and filled all of our stockings. Christmas morning I was so excited for the munchkins to open their gifts because they both had new iPads and I knew they’d be ecstatic about them. My parents, his mom, grandma, brother, and his wife, and uncle were all at our house, which wasn’t unusual because we have children they always come to us on the holidays so I had no idea what was about to happen. Everyone kept telling me you need to open your gifts and I was pretty much like why what’s the big deal we wrapped them together, and put things in the stocking so I already know what everything is. Well to my surprise at some point after we put everything in the stockings Kendrick went back and put the ring in the bottom of my stocking.

To get everyone off my back I began opening my gifts. I get to the stocking and I’m pulling everything out and the last thing is a beautiful box which I assumed was going to have diamond earrings in it because that’s what I said I wanted and had asked for. To my surprise, it was the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen and the tears began immediately!!! He came over to me and put the ring on my finger and the waterworks continued!! After I was able to get it together enough to stand up he got down on one knee and the waterworks began again lol.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our house

My best friend asked me to be his wife on my favorite holiday of them all. My family and our children knew his plans and managed to keep it a secret….by avoiding me of course lol. Literally the best day EVER! I can’t put into words how perfect this moment was, a complete surprise that couldn’t have been more perfect. Every time I watch the video I cry as I relive one of the best moments of my life!!

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