Asharel and Brady

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How We Met

Brady, and I met freshmen year of college in our English class. We immediately became friends. We would joke with one another, and just be silly. He loves to tell everyone that I asked for his number in an intimate way. Which is not true. Lol, I asked for his number so we could share answers; since he always asked for mine anyways. As the school year went by, Brady and I found ourselves continuously texting back and forth – about school only. Lol I eventually caught on to the multiple winky faces he would send me everyday, so I finally had enough courage to ask why he kept sending the winky faces, and if he liked me. – He said yes, and basically had been waiting for me to catch on. Every since then we have not stopped loving one another.

how they asked

Every year around one another’s birthdays we become very secretive, because we normally have a surprise for one another. Well this year for my birthday Brady had been extra secretive; more secretive than usual. I didn’t think anything of it because it’s what we normally do around one another’s birthday. So the weekend of my birthday he told me he had a dinner date planned for just the both us. I got ready, and on our way we went. He wanted to blind fold me, but he didn’t want to mess up my makeup (smart man). So on the way there he kept telling me not to look up, so I didn’t. Minutes later we arrived at Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport.

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My heart started racing because he told me we were going skydiving!! lol I’m afraid of heights! Skydiving was just a setup. Lol it didn’t really happen, it was a helicopter ride. The photographer took our photo in front of the helicopter, then showed me, and there was a “will you marry me?” sign behind the helicopter!! I turn around, and then notice Brady on one bended knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so nervous, and started crying, but I said yes to the man of my dreams!!

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