Ash and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met accidentally and unknowingly. He had just returned from mission work in Texas and was starting his life in Atlanta; I recently moved to the city for college and a new beginning. I was sporadically attending a Georgia State house church that was hosted in his home when we met. Our first exchange was in the dark, on his porch, while looking at the night sky. We were encouraged to find a quiet spot around the house and to be alone with Christ. Turns out, I took his favorite spot on the porch. Our encounter was brief and polite, a momentary and ironic glimpse into our future that would one day be filled with a lot of stargazing.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Candlefish

We were strangers, and it stayed that way when I left. It wasn’t until a few weeks after, that Michael saw me at house church again. He asked my best friend if she could put in a good word for him. “No,” was her answer. Ash (my best friend) was our middleman, going against us right in the beginning (and now the maid of honor in our wedding). Michael was a gentleman and gave it a few weeks until he couldn’t refrain any longer and reached out to me, via Twitter dm’s (take note, Nicholas sparks). He asked me to meet up over tea and I agreed, because why the heck not. I immediately told Ash, and we devised a plan so that it would be anything BUT a date: don’t let him pay for your tea.

It was almost as if the evening panned out in slow-motion. I walked up to Michael reading a book outside of a quaint coffee shop, and immediately swooned. Profile pictures do no justice, needless to say my tea was paid for. We talked and walked around our favorite city for four hours that night, and that was the beginning. We have traveled over 10,000 miles together since Michael asked me to have a DTR (determine the relationship talk) on our way home from hiking a mountain, two weeks after our first encounter. The rest is history.

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Saying Yes Our proposal had our story woven into it. From day one, we’ve bonded over shared love of candles and community. Michael asked me to spend forever with him while making candles, in front of our best friends. Ponce City Market in Atlanta is our favorite place in the city. It is our fallback when we are idle, and is where you can find us every week. Candlefish opened in all its gloriousness in Atlanta, and you know we were first in line. For my Valentine’s Day gift, Michael got us tickets for a candle making class at Candlefish on March 2nd, just him and I (and eight other strangers). As the date neared, my best friend since sixth grade who lives in Franklin, TN reached out to me and said her and her husband were going to be in town on that exact same date and wanted to grab dinner with us. Realizing that the dates were the same, I talked to Michael and without hesitation said- “Come with us!!” All the spots for the class were conveniently open, so Michael suggested we invite two of our other couple-best-friends. Now, before you think this is suspicious and I should have known- I didn’t. I was anxiously awaiting the engagement season of our life and knew vday + my birthday were approaching. I didn’t want to have any expectations- so I sat Michael down in February and told him I needed to know when NOT to expect a ring.

His reply? “Ash, I’m not gonna propose to you in February or March.” Got it. So we ate dinner with our closest friends in our favorite restaurant. We made candles and about halfway through the process, Michael pulls me to the side and said he found the most perfect scent that I would LOVE. “No, I’ve already sniffed all the scents,” (sorry, babe). “Ash, *in firm voice* sniff this candle.” I walk over to a label-less tin and open it to find a letter- something we’ve done since the beginning of our relationship. I thought it was just a sweet and romantic gesture because that’s just what Michael IS.

It wasn’t until I opened the letter to see “Ash, I will forever love you,” written inside. Forever is a word I told Michael I was reserving for my future husband, so I knew the moment I saw that. He told me he was tired of not hearing that word from me, and dropped to one knee. My heart surely followed. I started nodding “yes” before he even knelled.

We popped champagne, made candles, ate Jeni’s icecream (our favorite), and returned home to a house full of ALL of our closest friends, rejoicing with us in our commitment to one another. It was the most perfect night.

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