Ash and Drew's Proposal at Angel's Landing

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how we met

Ashley and I both are in the military. She is in the Air Force and I am in the Army. We have known each other for about ten years, but didn’t start dating until 2013. When I asked Ashley to marry me (I knew that she had a desire for an antique ring), I used my grandmothers ring that had been passed down to my mother and now Ashley. I began getting serious and premeditating how I was going to ask Ash to marry me in April 2014. I ran many scenarios through my head about where I should ask… how I should ask. Then, fate drew a very clear path.

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how they asked

She was about to be going onto an out-of-state active duty training cycle and I would not be able to see her for seven months. But, we had a trip planned out the weekend before her leave date to attend my cousins baby shower in Southern California. As soon as I realized that timing would nearly coincide with our first real date (our first trip to Zion), I asked if she wanted to go to Zion before heading to California. She jumped at the chance (the trap was set)!

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I chose the spot at Angels Landing because of the significance it had to our relationship, in my opinion. Over the years, Ash and I had always known each other and felt that we had a unique connection – but, like ships passing in the night – never really acted on it, for one reason or another. Then in 2013 our connection developed and grew. We connected on many levels, one of them being a love for exploring nature. I mentioned that I had never been to Zion National Park, and that should be something we explore – together. Albeit, it would be a big shift for our “relationship” because we’d be on an extended 5 day trip alone with each other. She never balked. As we began to plan where we would explore in the park… Angels Landing came up as an option. She was very apprehensive (she’s an extensive and thorough googler), because it has the highest casualty causing hike in the National Park system – AND she had poor eyesight and zero depth perception, she was aptly apprehensive.

On our final day in Zion, we decided to make our way up Angels Landing. The whole time I was nervous and holding her hand as we made our way up. As we reached the top we took a moment to take it in, and took each other in. We embraced, and kissed, and rejoiced. It was our perfect culmination to a fateful trip that has since made us inseparable.

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So when the time came to ask her to marry me, it seemed like a no-brainer. The rest is history. You saw us up at the top, with a successful trap sprung (caught her!) That trip too was memorable! If I can recall for you how unique our day was. The day we got engaged went something like this:

The morning started off with us getting engaged on the mountain ridge that is singularly the highest causality causing in Utah, traveling between four states (Utah, AZ, Nevada, California), upon entering AZ (we were taking a back road FR 393) my truck was airborne as we crossed state lines – leaving hardball and onto a dirt road dukes of hazard style, we stopped on the Las Vegas strip to drink the obligatory and aptly named “lick-her lick-her” out of a giant boot while making bets on the roulette table, and we’ll be passed out next to the ocean in Huntington Beach California…. As the great warrior poet Ice Cube once said: Today was a good day!

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