Asena and Enes

ASENA and ENES's Engagement in Mountain House

How We Met

Our dating story is too long. It took us 2 years to decide to be together. Being dear to Enes was not a good idea. Because he is my brother’s best friend. But our energy was very high and we were very well suited to each other. I thought we were in different characters. But we became our closest friends as we became acquainted with each other. It took me two years to convince me that I am dear. He did not give up. He really loves me. I love him so much. I said yes to the marriage proposal.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mountain House

how they asked

We went to have a nice meal to celebrate. I thought so. Enes prepared a surprise for me and the place we came from was a mountain house. First I saw a violinist. The violinist played the song we loved the most. That’s when I got it and I was very surprised. There was a very nice table waiting for me inside. He read his own poetry before giving his ring. He asked if you would marry me. I said yes. We are very happy.