Aryanna and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met through mutual friends in December of 2012 and we immediately clicked and I felt something special and different with him from the very start. His sweet smile and ocean blue eyes were heart throbbing. Since we were in high school when we met, we have gotten the opportunity to grow together and that has brought us that much closer. Time flies and I couldn’t be happier to be marrying my high school sweetheart.

how they asked

On July 1st of 2017, the day started out very fun. I got to have brunch with my bestfriend Tori and our moms after getting our nails done. The topic of marriage actually came up a few times, and in hindsight I’m surprised my mom didn’t accidentally give out the big secret. Following brunch, Tori and I came back to my apartment and had fun girls day. Watching movies, doing face masks, snacking, and enjoying time together; a much needed day being that college keeps us both so busy. Around 4:30 we started the process of getting ready, I knew we were going to dinner, but I didn’t know where. Soon after starting to get ready Ryan asks me to wear a really nice dress that I had recently bought. I didn’t really think anything of it just because I figured we were going somewhere nice for his birthday celebration with Eric and Tori. Once Tori and I were all finished getting ready, we headed over to Ryan’s. Upon arrival to our surprise, Ryan and Eric were already dressed and ready, and Ryan had made a small lie to us about when we were supposed to be at his house to ensure that we would be there on time. This gave us a little extra time to chat before dinner. We all went on to hop in the car and head out, while on the way there a few guesses as to where we were going came through my mind, but I wasn’t sure. Before I knew it, time had flown by and we were pulling into the parking lot and I started to recognize the building. I started to get so excited, it was III Forks in Dallas, and extremely nice steakhouse where I actually celebrated my 21st birthday. All four of us got out and walked in, Ryan went ahead talked to the hostess and we were then escorted to the table. Ryan got up to go to the “restroom” once during dinner, which is when he was really giving the restaurant the ring to later bring out. We went on to have a great dinner, lots of good food and a little wine. I could tell something was a little different with Ryan because he kept looking around, we talked for a minute or two and I saw him move my plate that was in between us on the table over by him. Moments later a silver platter with a top on it was set on the table between us and before I could even process what was taking place, the top of the platter was removed and there sat an open box with a sparkling diamond ring inside it. I immediately bursted into tears and could not believe my eyes, the moment I’ve thought about for so long was really happening. Ryan, the love of my life, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES and he could barely put the ring on my finger by how much I was shaking from the shock of the surprise. A truly amazing moment with my future husband and our best friends.

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Special Thanks

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