Aryanna and Bryan

How We Met

On my first day of high school, I walked into my Spanish class and found the only empty seat in the front of the class. I didn’t notice the boy who sat behind me at first, but it wasn’t long before we became close friends. Bryan and I laughed our way through Spanish class that year, and by the time our finals came around, we had hundreds of inside jokes that we used to make each other laugh during the test. My best friend’s mom happened to be the teacher who proctored our final exam, and that evening at my 15th birthday party she casually asked, “so, you and Bryan, huh?” but I got embarrassed and quickly responded, “of course not, we’re just friends!”…. oh if 15-year-old me could see us now!

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The rest of our time in high school we didn’t have any more classes together, but that didn’t stop our friendship. We kept up our inside jokes and yelled them at each other in the halls, we texted and Skype messaged when we could, and we studied together with some of our other friends. Over time, we grew closer and our friendship grew stronger. At senior prom, his best friend even asked me to ask Bryan to my senior prom the next year, and I did- right in front of his girlfriend at the time. Oops. Not long after, Bryan and his girlfriend broke up and, that summer, we both happened to be at the same concert at the OC Fair, where we met up and spent the whole afternoon together with our friends. We continued to talk all summer until Bryan moved away to UC Merced, and when he moved we started talking even more consistently. At some point, we would Skype every night and I could feel myself falling for the cute boy who made me laugh in Spanish class.

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One night, we were having our usual Skype call and he asked me if I liked anyone. I couldn’t tell him I had a crush on him, so obviously I demanded he answer the question first. We both admitted to liking SOMEONE but both refused to say who, so we did what any normal teenagers with a crush would do, we played 20 questions to try to guess who the other liked. After a few questions it was pretty obvious we were talking about one another. Bryan, ever the gentleman, asked me what I would like to do about the fact that we liked each other; and me, the upfront person that I am, told him he should ask me out. And he did.

Over Thanksgiving break, Bryan took me to Disneyland for our first date. He brought his very adorable nephew, Carson, and we got a lot of confused looks by strangers who thought we were teen parents. We had a wonderful day that ended with our first kiss under the fireworks while we were in line for Thunder Mountain. We were immediately inseparable, despite the fact that we attended universities in different sides of the state. We did eventually end up going together to my senior prom (pictured) just like we said we would! We suffered through the long distance for 4 years, until Bryan graduated and moved to San Francisco, where I was finishing my Master’s degree. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that Bryan and I will never have to live apart from each other again!

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How They Asked

Every year we plan a trip together as our anniversary gift to one another, and every year I’m in charge of planning. This year was different. Bryan, very early on, told me that he was planning the anniversary trip this year. My first reaction was “Oh no, does he even know how to plan a trip? Is there any way I can talk him into letting me help?” but to my dismay, he did not let me help. Even worse, it was a surprise. My second reaction was, “Oh wait is this really happening? Is he going to propose?”. Now that I was thoroughly suspicious, I began anxiously awaiting our anniversary. Not patiently, ANXIOUSLY. I begged Bryan almost daily to please tell me at least where we were going but to no avail. Finally, the day came, our anniversary and the day of the trip. Bryan woke me up bright and early, stuck me in a car with our luggage and some snacks, and started driving to our destination.


On our six year anniversary, Bryan took me back to the place where it all began when we were teenagers, Disneyland. Suddenly, I remembered that one time after a couple of months of dating that Bryan told me he had already planned how he was going to propose to me at Disneyland someday, and I knew it was going to happen. To Bryan’s credit, he REALLY threw me off his trail and a couple of hours into being at Disneyland I was positive that it wasn’t happening anymore. Bryan didn’t have a ring on him (I checked), and he was so insistent that it wasn’t going to happen, so I tried my best to enjoy the day anyways. As the sun began to set, Bryan suggested we go see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

As everyone counted down to turn on all the Christmas lights on Main Street, Bryan got down on one knee and before he could pull the ring out, I walked away to get a better look at the lights. Bryan quickly got up and brought me back to the same spot we were in, told me to take a picture of the castle, which had also just been lit up. When I turned around to show him the picture, he was back down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life and the cutest smile on his face. Before he could even ask, I was screaming “Is this real? Are you serious? Yes! Of course! Yes!”. As he gave me a hug and a million kisses and placed the ring on my finger, my parents and two of my cousins jumped out of a bush with the bride and groom Mickey ears and their cameras to take the amazing pictures we now cherish from that day.

Special Thanks

Jesus Garcia
 | Photographer
Daniel Alba Fabia
 | Photographer