Artur and Grzegorz

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How We Met

We met when I ran my restaurant in the downtown. ‘I will have children with this guy’ – I spoke to one of the waiters, when Artur came with his friend to my place. He appeared in my life, a bit like a burglar who passed all the defenses and carefully built for many, many years walls to protect one thing I had intact – heart. Do you know that feeling when you see someone for the first time in your life and just immediately know that this is Mr Right? In Japanese it is called Koi No Yokan, which is best to translate it as a premonition of love.

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There was a lot of tension between us from the begging. But we came to be on the January 1st. ‘Great and easy date for anniversary’ – claimed Artur then.

how they asked

Artur arrived at the Galeria Club in Warsaw thinking he was there to make Valentines Day Video promoting same sex relationships. Before that he had to do some tasks and he was sure he will have a singing lesson with Greg there to perform one song in front of our friends. When he was taken downstairs to the club he found waiting for him was a mob of friends and family as his marriage proposal unfolded to the song, “True Love” by P!nk, performed by Greg and Voces Gaudiae Choir.

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We wanted to upload this video on YouTube to show that the fight for civil partnerships and respect for the love of another human being does not have to reveal the hard protest, but may take the form of joy, surprise, showing that the only thing we want is to live as full citizens and people who love like everyone else. As maybe you know tolerance, respect for the LGBT community is still an issue in #Poland. I think we are first polish couple to upload this kind of video. I sang True Love by my favourite artist – P!nk – who is always supporting LGBT community and inspires people all around the world to be themselves and love who they are.

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Our Video