Jordan and Jason's Art Gallery Marriage Proposal

Art Gallery Marriage ProposalHow we met: I can remember the evening we met like it was yesterday. A few of my closest friends, Stephanie, Hailey, and Ryan, had invited me to go out with a big group for dinner. I remember walking in to find them sitting at very long table in the back of the restaurant. I said hi to Hailey and Steph and scanned the room to see if there was anyone else there I knew. That was the moment I saw Jason. I asked Hailey who he was and she replied, “I don’t know, but one of the two of us needs to go find out!” I found myself a seat at the table near him and we spent the rest of the evening dancing and laughing together.

how they asked: Jason had to work New Year’s Eve so we decided that we would have our own New Year’s celebration a couple nights after. He made plans for us to go to the Phoenix Art Walk and then to a nice dinner in downtown Phoenix. We spent the evening walking around admiring the many different galleries. About an hour into our endeavor, we walked up to monOrchid. I immediately remembered the place. We had gone there at a previous art walk and loved the unique charm of the coffee shop/gallery. Still having not the slightest clue that my life was about to change forever, I exclaimed, “Oh I love this place!”. He smiled and followed me inside. I was immediately drawn to this huge structure hanging from the rafters.


Jason insisted that we walk around first and that we would make our way to the structure. I began looking at some other pieces when he began acting strange. He took my hand and lead me back over to the structure, which I later found out he had built himself and gotten special permission to display. As I stood there admiring it, he told me to come look closer. Hanging from it were hundreds of (fake) diamond rings. Before I could even catch on to what was about to happen, he pointed to one hanging in the middle and said, “What about this one? Doesn’t this look like one you would like?”. He then pulled a pair of scissors out of his pocket and cut the string it was hanging front. I stood there in shock, still not because I knew what was happening, but because I thought he had just vandalized a piece of art. He dropped to his knee and, with the most beautiful proposal, asked me to be his wife. I of course responded with a tear-filled “yes” and threw myself into his arms.


A few moments later I heard a familiar voice (my dad’s) say, “So did she say yes?”. I turned around to find both of our families and two of our best friends standing there waiting to celebrate with us. It was, without a doubt, the best night of my life.


Photos by Joel Cleare // Video by Oshana Digital Productions