Arsah and Azim


How We Met

I moved to the U.S. in 2008 at 15 years of age, and since I didn’t have any friends here, church school wasn’t as exciting as it was for others. I was that shy girl always standing in the corner who came to know of everyone but nobody really knew me. Anyways, I kept seeing this group of guys, usually always four of them, that seemed to be very well known by everyone at church. They seemed to be the popular bunch, around a year or half older than me. Slowly I started noticing them much more often, since they were always the topic of conversation among the other girls.

There was one of the friends, Azim, amongst the four that caught my attention in particular. I always judged him as someone who thought too highly of himself. But apart from my judgment, I had a HUGE crush on him, and always thought he was one of the best looking at church. I started noticing him around church much more often, and would find reasons to just look for him. I still remember the day he came and sat next to me in church school but being the shy invisible new girl that I was, he never noticed me.

After few years, it faded away and I never saw him again after graduating church school. Now fast forwarding 5 years, on January 26th 2013, I got a text from some guy, and turns out it was my first ever crush! I had recently ran into Azim on social media once when he had commented on my picture but I always, since 2008, thought he would never pay attention to someone like me so I didn’t give it much thought. But after 5 years he somehow had figured out I existed (haha) and started to follow me on social media.

So after 5 long years and crushing on him everyday at church, Azim finally messaged me on Facebook messenger and we started to talk. There was an instant connection, despite both of being polar opposites. The most striking thing to me was that I had a crush on him for 5 years, and the guy I thought would never like me back actually had a crush on me too, before his friends pushed him to talk to me!


Well, after days and nights of long Facebook chat, I gave him my number and next thing we know, we’re talking non stop and after a month we started hanging out together at university since we went to the same one. On April 3 rd 2013, we officially started dating, falling in love with each other every single day, and I’m sure it’ll continue so until death does us apart 

P.S. He still doesn’t believe the fact that he sat next to me in church and still didn’t know I existed until 5 years later!


how they asked

We both love to go to this drive-in theatre an hour away from our house and it’s always the first choice for date nights. He was being MIA for almost a week now and I wasn’t in the greatest mood so to make up for his unusual behavior, he said we were going to have a date night and we’ll be going to the drive in for movies. I looked up the movies playing and didn’t find anything interesting but he kept pushing for this animated movie that he had heard was going to be fun (he sucks at lying!) I went along with his excuse and since I love animated movies, I didn’t object. I got ready and he came over to pick me up. After seeing me dressed up casual, he used “it’s a date!!” excuse and made me change thrice until I was in a nice dress.

Since he is a perfectionist and always particular about little things, I didn’t really find that weird because he would normally do that too. After all that, I sat in the car and we left for the theatre. We got to the place and to my surprise, he took out a brand new picnic mat to place in the trunk of the van, brought out an extremely cute picnic basket, showed me that he had pre-planned for food and had brought Chipotle* for us, and then took out hanging lights. As he was putting lights on the top of the trunk door, I couldn’t help but think why he was doing all this cute stuff since he isn’t really a romantic like me.

When I asked about it, he brushed it off with “Your best friend texted me all about you being upset at me and she gave me this big picnic date idea that will make you happy for sure. She’s MAKING me do this! We’ve to send her pics too to let her know I actually did it!” Since my best friend was totally bound to do something like this, I fell for his lie and got lost in the perfect picnic date I could possible ever imagine. After the movie ended, he said he needed to go to the restroom and slipped away. He had taken my phone with him too and I never noticed!

While waiting for him, all of a sudden Azim popped up on the big screen!! It was shocking and surprising, and I still couldn’t figure out what was going on. A little feeling in my tummy said this was it, the moment was here, but part of me was in denial. There he was on the screen in the pre-planned video saying “Hey Arsah, I want to ask you something, but before I do let’s see what we’ve been through” and there started the slideshow of all the things we’ve done together!

All the first times of everything, the trips, and any occasion we’ve spent together. And the best part was that Azim himself sang all the songs that were played in the video! I started to sing along, and after a bit Azim came to get me for the proposal. As he came with a blazer on and surprised me, I realized that THIS WAS IT. We started walking with cameras following us along, towards the front of the screen, my heart pounding out of my chest.

Soon I was walking on a rose petal laid path leading to a gazebo beautifully lit with lights. He asked me for a dance, and after few dancing steps I froze to watch the screen as my parents came up. He had asked for their permission in the video for a proposal, and asked my dog for his permission too (Swoon!) to which he received a bark in approval. After the video, he nervously started saying the sweetest things in the world, and though my mind was blanked partly by my utter shock, I remember him kneeling down on one knee, there came out the ring.



“Will you marry me?” and a “Yes!” was uttered.


Then came fireworks, I saw all our friends present there along with his siblings, and the perfect night ended with me becoming the future Mrs. Maknojia.




P.S. *Chipotle specifically because that’s where our very first hangout/date was! (He’s a perfectionist!)

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