Aroha and Wynne's Beautiful Marriage Proposal Video

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3/29/11 – the day we met

1/30/13 – the day he asked me to be his gf

12/30/13 – the day we moved in together

4/30/15 – the day he asked

how they asked: I’ve already made plenty of assumptions on when this day was going to happen. But for what was actually going to happen, I didn’t prepare myself for. I was in for the biggest surprise of my life.

The previous week, Wynne told me he wanted to take spring pictures before we left for California. This was not strange to me since we take couples pictures every season, the only thing that threw me off was “before California”. May was a busy month for the both of us, so maybe that’s why he wanted to squeeze in our spring pictures that week. I told him what days I had off and strangely I had 3 days off the following week. I did not ask any questions. I stopped asking and assuming at this point and had let things be.

That Thursday’s weather was forecasted as cloudy and rainy. With Columbus though, you’ll never know what you’ll actually get. Wynne bought us an umbrella the previous night for our pictures. He told me to get up at 5am that day, since I did end up opening for work. He took me to a reservoir that had beautiful scenery and we took a couple of shots. We didn’t have much time since I had to be at work at 9:30am. We never did get to the end of the boardwalk.

I was anxious and had butterflies in my stomach all day at work. I kept telling myself…okay it might happen today but how would it? I’m working and how would he pull it off? The only way I could think of was coming home to a note telling me to meet him somewhere, like a scavenger hunt.

I got off work and came home to nothing but our doggies. Search the place but found nothing. I gave up and put on my PJs and took a nap while watching The Breakfast Club. Around 7:30 he texted me telling me to get ready because we were going to take more pictures. I did as he said, cranky cause I didn’t think I ate that day.

He came home, got ready and took me to the same spot he did in the morning. I could see him being sneaky but at the same time happy. So I didn’t ask questions.

Image 2 of Aroha and Wynne's Beautiful Marriage Proposal VideoHe had his camera bag and I grabbed my blanket that he keeps in car in case I ever got cold, because it started to get chilly and headed out of the car. We went down the stairs to the boardwalk again and started walking. I noticed lights at the end. I wasn’t sure if they were there in the morning since we didn’t have time to explore earlier.

As we got closer, I heard the waterfall and saw the most beautiful scenery. He had lights leading down the end of the boardwalk, trees covered with lanterns and lights, and all of our memories around us. He had a table full of all the cards we’ve given each other every month for our anniversary throughout the years.

Little did I know, the same table containing these memories, was the one he had used years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend.. was going to be the same one he’d used to ask me to be his wife.

As I looked on to all of our pictures and cards, he told me “what better way to do this then to see how we got here”. I was only half paying attention to him, I was distracted by all the small details and efforts he had put into making this memorable not only for me, but for him as well.. His theme… “Our memmories” (extra m for all those memories, haha) was perfect.

The whole time he was talking, I was thinking to myself.. “this is it”. I was giggling and laughing just because that’s what I do when I get nervous. This whole thing was breathtaking and left me in awe the whole time.

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Then it happened.. I could see how nervous he was. He told me how I give his life purpose and that he really likes me and how this was it, I was stuck with him forever. There he was.. my best friend, down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I said yes! Still in smiles and giggles, until I heard cheers from afar and the faint voices of my parents. At that moment, I started bawling my eyes out.

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I’m so happy that the people that matter most got to witness one of our most special days. April 30th. I asked him why this day, he explained that it was the middle point of when he asked me to be his girlfriend (January 30th) and when I would be his wife (July 30th). This was the biggest surprise of my life and I feel so grateful to have a man that makes all my dreams a reality. I’m so excited to spend forever with him.

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