Arnesa and Musa

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How We Met

In September 2014 we met in a club. He has been there with his boys – I went out with one of my girls. Weeks or maybe months ago he caught my eye in the middle of the dance floor. A handsome guy wearing a red jacket! Yes, you’re reading right. It was red and I loved it.

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So we met for a time before starting a relationship in December but then everything went fast. In February 2016 we decided to move together- now we’re living in our third flat, have 2 cats, and are having an October baby. It couldn’t be more perfect.

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How They Asked

We went on a weekend trip with all our best friend couples. On Saturday someone had the plan to go to the beach in Zandvoort. Each couple made some pictures in front of the sea – except us. Everybody started putting out their phone and taking pictures of us, I thought…

They were filming us and then my love went on his knees to ask me the question if I want to be his wife. I will never forget this moment and everytime I watch the video or even the pictures I start crying again.

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