Arlyn and Alex

How We Met

We both first met when we were in high school through mutual friends. Both of our friends invited us to the movies to watch Hancock. It turned out being a group thing and that’s where we met. We both flirted here and there and once the movie was over we went our separate ways. Since Alex never did ask for my number but I felt a connection there I took to Myspace (yes those days) to get to know him. I realized we were both already friends on there and I sent him a message. We stayed up all night messaging back and forth. Then we stayed up on the phone until 4 am getting to know each other until two weeks later we made it official. Ten years later we are still going strong!

How They Asked

For Alex’s spring break he suggested we take a trip to visit his best friend Paul in Wilmington. Not going to lie after 9 years of dating I had my hopes held high that this was going to be the trip that he finally proposed to me. Our trip went by really fast and we were enjoying our last afternoon on the beach when Alex walked up to tell me that Paul needed some help with his homework and he was going to go to the library to help him. So they dropped me off at the house and left. I had a little suspicion that they were up to something but after hours of waiting I got impatient and told Alex that I was going to bed. Alex told me to wait up because there was a festival going on in Wrightville beach and he was going to come pick me up. At this point I was a little annoyed he had taken so long and spent our last night of vacation at the library. Paul came in the house first and grabbed something and quickly left saying that he would meet us at the beach. Alex and I followed and he was acting a bit strange, he wouldn’t stop checking his phone and I could see a bulk in the pocket of his shorts! I thought this is it! We got to the beach and it was completely empty there was no festival going on. Alex said Paul was there somewhere and we should find him. After walking around the beach for like 15 minutes, he took my hand and led me to candles dug in the sand in the shape of a heart with two beach chairs with two wine glasses and my favorite pink Moscato. He told me to step into the heart and he got on one knee and asked if I would marry him and continue to explore life together for the rest of our lives! It was a beautiful, romantic proposal. He spent all evening setting it up with Paul making me think they were at the library!

Special Thanks

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