Arlette and Michael

How We Met

Arlette and I met in the Fall of 2009 while both attending The University of Texas at Austin. Arlette was a sister of Kappa Delta Chi National Sorority and I was a brother of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity so our organizations often did service and other various events together. Arlette and I often talked, hung out and our chemistry was great but we only briefly dated in college. When I moved to Houston, TX in the summer of 2015 from San Antonio, Arlette came to my birthday celebration and that is where we rekindled. Soon after, at a Longhorn Football game our paths crossed again and I officially asked her our on a date. Our relationship blossomed and the rest is the history. :)

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How tHey Asked

I set up a meeting between Arlette’s parents and asked for their blessing to marry Arlette which they happily gave me. Between Arlette being in grad school, working her part-time job and doing an internship I found the perfect dates in her schedule and decided to book a trip to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate my 29th Birthday. Arlette had always talked about going to Cancun so I wanted to go see what the excitement was all about. We were both excited for our first international trip together but little did Arlette know what I was planning. I had arranged for her family to be in Cancun at the same time since it was important to Arlette for them to be there. August 14th, 2017, Arlette and I were at the beach soaking in the sun, sipping on a tasty cocktail just having a great time. I had told Arlette that I planned a couple’s photoshoot that evening on the beach since it was our first trip together and that I wanted to capture the moment. Arlette still had no clue what was going on. Throughout the day I had been in contact with Arlette’s sister Vianey who was in contact with the photographer and everything was finally ready to go. Around 5:30 p.m. that evening Arlette and I made our way to the photoshoot session. We walked along the beach on the sand so the photographer could get some good pictures. Finally, we got to the rock I was told stand by for picture purposes which Arlette had no idea her family was hiding with the photographer. Finally, I told Arlette the real reason for the trip, got down on one knee and asked Arlette to Marry Me. She said yes and her family ran out from hiding as they cheered and we celebrated.

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Michael planned a vacation with Arlette, but little did she know what he had in mind. He hired us to have a photo session at the beach. He also invited her family over but she didn’t know, it was a double surprise.

They started walking on the beach and he got in one knee and proposed! She immediately said yes and kissed. Her family was hiding and waiting for their moment to be over to run to her and congratulate them on their engagement.

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