Arlene and Luke

Image 1 of Arlene and Luke

How We Met

We first met in middle school band class and became part of the same friend group. Fast forward a bit to freshman year of high school when we were in marching band together. He admitted to having a crush on me that spring and we started dating. The rest is history; we’ve been together through many milestones. We graduated high school, went off to college together, and now own a house and have an adorable rescue cat together.

How They Asked

It was the closing day of our first house together, which had been quite a process with covid putting a wrench in things. We pulled up to our house after signing all the paperwork to take pictures and get started on a few small projects before we moved in. He pulled out a Wall-E lego ring box holder and got down on one knee (going to see Wall-E in theaters was our first real date). He then asked if we could spend the rest of our lives together, of course, I said yes.