Arlene and Carlos

How We Met

Carlos and I met through a mutual friend. We began to hang out more often while learning to cook Paleo recipes. We would go to each others houses to cook our meals for the week and we had very long phone conversations on a daily basis. Finally On May 16, 2014 he asked if he could accompany me to buy a dress to wear to my friends wedding. Once I was done buying the dress he asked if I wanted to get something to eat. After Dinner he asked if I would like to go for drinks. After Drinks he asked if I wanted to go to the beach and see his business. After showing me around we walked to the sand and laid there hearing the waves crash. By the time we got home it was light out. We had gone on a 17hr date. That same day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Image 1 of Arlene and Carlos

how they asked

We arrived at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day Decemeber 25, 2015. At 9:30am we were turned away from the park as they were already at capacity and couldn’t let any more people in. We ended up at Hollywood studios that day. The next day we were able to get into Magic Kingdom but there were a lot of people. Carlos was dragging me at some points. I didn’t know it at the time but he was trying to get me away from guys who were proposing. He didn’t want me to get any ideas. We’ve been to the park before so by 10pm I was ready to go. Carlos wanted to stay so we watched the parade twice and tried riding everything in the park. He kept taking me by the same part of the castle. So I kept asking him “Why are we going in circles. we keep passing by the same place over and over!” Little did I know he was waiting for the spot he wanted to ask me at to be empty. Finally at 12:30am as the park was clearing out, he took to the wishing well. “This is where I’ve been wanting to bring you this whole time” he said. “I want to make a wish. The wish is for you to be my wife.” At first I was like “Awww how cute” but it hadn’t hit me yet. Not until he got down on one knee. I lost it. He pops out with this gorgeous ring. We both cried tears of happiness. Dreams really do come true! And it all happened in the most magical place in the world!

Image 2 of Arlene and Carlos

Image 3 of Arlene and Carlos