Jessica and Arjun

IMG_20141012_020034How we met: I met Arjun during EIT training at the first day back at my job at lululemon athletica after being away for a year of studying contemporary realist art in Santa Fe, NM. Weeks after I had left for Santa Fe, Arjun was hired at lululemon and worked there for about 8 months before leaving to attend yoga teacher training in India and to backpack through Europe. With more than 13,000 miles between us, our paths connected when we emailed our boss on the same exact day to ask about returning to our positions at lululemon in Orlando, Fl. Not knowing eachother, but knowing everone else at work, there was an instant intrigue. We soon realized that we lived 8 minutes away from eachother and began to carpool together. Although I technically had a boyfriend in Santa Fe at the time, it did not take long for me to develop a highschool-like crush on Arjun. His laid-back, down-to-earth, sweet and genuine nature was so refreshing and made me instantly attracted to him. Not to mention his modelish good looks that made my heart race and my knees weak all at the same time. Our friendship grew as we spent almost all of our time together, going to yoga, running and working out, as well as cooking and watching Netflix together. It did not take long for me toIMG_20140718_070042-e1430494368547become close to his family and his to mine. We became instant bestfriends. Initially planning on moving back to Santa Fe permanently, all my plans flew out the window when I realized I had met my soulmate.

how they asked: To celebrate my mothers birthday, Arjun and I planned to meet my parents at The Ringling Museum in Sarasota for a quick evening visit before heading to dinner. Although the actual museum was closed by the time we arrived, the grounds were open to the public and we decided to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful gardens and ocean views before sunset.

It began to rain a refreshing sun shower, and we all ran through the gardens headed for the beautiful Ca D’Zan Mansion overlooking the ocean. As I took some pics of my parents, Arjun looked for a good spot where our picture could be taken. He led me over to a gigantic banyon tree with a perfect place to sit inside. As he propped me up in the tree, I asked him where he was going sit for the picture. Arjun stood below me, grabbed my hand and looked deeply into my eyes with a soft grin on his face. His head tilted slightly and at that moment I KNEW.

“Jessica…” he began. “There’s something ‘we’ want to ask you…” as he winked over at my parents. His hand went for his pocket and my heart stopped. I couldn’t breathe. I was in complete shock. Glancing over at my mom and dad grinning from ear to ear with tears in their eyes, I just began to weep uncontrollably. Arjun pulled out the most gorgeous ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” as his eyes filled up. Wondering if this was real-life or just a dream, I repeated the words ‘Oh my god’, ‘What?!’ and ‘Really!?’ so many times until finally I cried “Yes!'” through my snot and tears. Arjun slid the flawless diamond ring (his great-grandmother’s) on my finger as my hand trembled and said “I just dont want to do this without you.”

Bursting with pure joy and utter confusion, I eventually made my way out of the tree and into my fiances arms. We both cried, hugged my parents, and kissed and held eachother as the sun went down over the water. It was the most beautiful and the happiest moment of my life.