Arizona and Gary

How We Met

Gary and I met when we were in high school 2011, I was a sophomore, and we was a senior! Gary was varsity baseball and football and I was on the softball team (meant to be from the beginning right?) WRONG lol. Gary tried so many times to try to convince me to go on dates with him, and just give him one night, and I wouldn’t do it! I was to focused on softball and just living my best life with my friends. Couple years go by and it’s 2015 now, and were are both graduated. Gary was out with friends one night and just so happened to end up at my work and he was the “DD” for the night and asked if he could talk to me for a couple minutes.

Arizona and Gary's Engagement in Disneyland

Of course being the person that I am still not interested, I told him “Sorry, I’m working right now I can’t leave” (when I totally could have) So after a little while I was getting ready to leave work and I saw him again, and there was no avoiding him, so I said “fine you have 5 minutes THAT’S IT” 2.5 hours later, I was agreeing to go on a date with him because I figured he would leave me alone if I just went on one date with him. (little did I know haha) For our first date, he took me to Olive Garden, and then to see Cinderella, and then dropped me off at home. It was weird because I had the strangest feeling, that I had never had before. I kept it a secret and only told my dog, but I knew Gary was different, he was not the guy everyone said he was in high school. In that moment. I knew Gary was the one.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

How They Asked

My dream proposal has always been either at Disneyland with Christmas decorations or with a puppy! (so cliché I know) lol. So rewind to a few months ago… Gary’s family was talking about trying to take a family trip to Disneyland, right after Halloween, but right before Thanksgiving, that way it wasn’t too busy! So we all left at 6 am on Wednesday for California! So we had a day by day plan, the first day was a beach day and walk the boardwalk when we got to Cali! The second day was Disneyland, the third day was California Adventures, and then the last day before we went home was Disneyland again. Not everything went as planned though. The first day, Gary’s sister actually got the 24-hour bug!

Next day comes around, and his sister is all better, & now his brother has the 24-hour bug.(are you serious?) Then the day that was going to change my life comes around! Guess what, Gary wakes up not feeling well. (literally can never catch a break lol) but he is determined to make this day work, for other reasons I didn’t know about haha. So the day continues and Gary is starting to feel better (thank goodness). 9 pm comes around and we all leave California Adventures and head to Downtown Disney by the Christmas tree to take family pictures and then watch the fireworks at 930pm. (at least that’s what I thought) We get there, so Gary’s mom and sister tell us that we’re going to take pictures first, but that we had to close our eyes because they had silly hats they wanted us to wear, and we couldn’t see them.

Proposal Ideas Disneyland

So I closed my eyes and covered my face (I may or may not be a peeker lol) Gary’s mom said okay you can uncover your eyes and smile for the camera when I count to 3. So then 1..2..3.. CHEEESEEE, I open my eyes and there is my best friend down on one knee. I can’t even breath at this moment and I’m just so shocked. I didn’t even give him time to do a speech or anything, and then I said yes to my soulmate. (I told you guys I knew he was the one), but that’s not it, then Gary’s dad says “we have one more surprise for you” and then my mom and brothers come from behind them!!! Yes, they drove all the way from Arizona to see this proposal happen! It was the best day of my life, and absolutely perfect in every way. The next day was the last day, and we all spent it at Disneyland, it was the perfect way to end the most perfect trip.