Aris and Michael

Mike and I met back when I had graduated out of high school at Publix. We both had part time jobs there. I was heading to college for my first year he was already in his second year at USF. We met as he was helping me with work. We both had other relationships at the time but I could tell he was interested. I had to turn him down because I was with someone else. Fast forward 5 years and we had remained friends but he had moved to New York. I had broken up with my boyfriend and he had broken up with his girlfriend. He wrote to me on Facebook asking how I was and so and I quickly said I was single without even thinking. Soon we stared talking and than we started dating. The day of the proposal was perfect he took to the very first restaurant we went on our first date. Oyster catchers. He had set up a special table and I was wearing this black dress he had gotten me last Christmas. Everything was delicious. Than he walked me outside and handed me a coke bottle that was engraved will you marry me. He got in one knew and asked me to marry him and I never thought I would see this day. I immediately said yes!!!

Proposal Ideas Oyster Catchers