Arika and Mario

Image 1 of Arika and Mario

How We Met

We were introduced by our two best friends, Ted and Jenn while planning a group trip to Iceland. Ted and Jenn were secretly dating at a company where that was prohibited, so they needed extra people to join the trip to make it not as obvious that they were together! We had a lot of mutual friends, but Mario had been living in New York City, so we didn’t know of each other’s existence somehow. Prior to the trip, Jenn had been planting the seed to both of us that we would “really hit it off” and “I can just see you guys really getting along.” We met at a dinner to plan the trip and Mario ended up dragging a couch from across the restaurant to sit next to me at the end of the table – it was insane! We ended up attached at the hip the entire Iceland trip and have been in love ever since!

how they asked

We were in Bimini with my family for vacation and he was originally supposed to propose at Honeymoon Harbor’s beach. Due to excessive winds and not “picture perfect conditions”, we made multiple trips out to the island and Mario ended up not pulling the trigger. After days of frustration, there was a beautiful beach behind our resort and my family had been driving me nuts, so we planned to sneak away for a bottle of wine and a vent-session during sunset.

Image 2 of Arika and Mario

After a day filled with everyone in my family knowing and driving me crazy (everyone was so nervous and wouldn’t stop talking all day), we ventured off to the beach and he proposed with my family in the bushes! I was so excited that I yelled, “give me that” and put the ring on my own hand. It was hilarious and perfect.

Image 3 of Arika and Mario

Image 4 of Arika and Mario