Arielle and William

Arielle and William's Engagement in Rome, Italy

How They Asked

It was the second day of our trip to Rome, we had a tour of the Colosseum planned followed by a private “wine tasting” set up by my boyfriend as a late birthday present. He told me that we were going to a surprise dinner after, so we would need to dress up. After our Colosseum tour, we went back to our room to unwind and get ready for our “date night”. Will seemed a little anxious but didn’t think anything of it as it was a long day already. Our wine tasting was set for 4 pm, so we headed out to find a taxi. It was 3:35 pm and no taxis in sight at the taxi stand! Will was getting nervous as he mentioned the “wine tasting” was set for 4 pm and we couldn’t be late. Finally, after a few flag downs, we caught a taxi and headed to our location which was near the Colosseum. We arrived at the location and headed in. An elevator lift brought up to the 6th floor where we met Martina, who I later would found out was our proposal planner!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

Martina brought us up to a terrace where we sat to wait for our wine tasting to start. As soon as we were seated, Will asked to use the restroom. Shortly thereafter Martina brought over some waters and then said that they were ready for us upstairs. Will was still gone, but I followed Martina to our new spot. She told me to head up to the terrace. As I made my way up the stairs I heard the beautiful sound of a violin. When I reached the top I saw Will stand to wait for me, surrounded by the most beautiful floral arrangement set up. I immediately locked eyes with him and the rest was a blur! He showed me a written letter that he wanted to read to me. As he read the letter to me he was overcome with emotion, love, and joy. After reading the letter he said that the last time I was in Rome (last year with my family) he wrote a letter telling me he loved me and today we are in Rome together and he had a question for me….he asked me to marry him.

The moment was everything I could have imagined and more. Overlooking the beautiful Colosseum and Italian skyline I said yes to the man of my dreams, my best friend and Soulmate.

From there we headed down to the Colosseum to take photos with our photographer Manolo Greco. It was a time we surely will never forget and now have beautiful photos to remember that moment.

Arielle's Proposal in Rome, Italy

A huge thank you to Martina Udicova with Proposal Planner in Italy for collaborating with my fiancé to plan the most perfect, beautiful engagement I have ever seen. We are eternally grateful?

Arielle & Will

Special Thanks

Martina udicova
 | Planning
Manolo Greco
 | Photographer