Arielle and Ryan


How We Met

Ryan and Arielle met summer 2014 online. After exchanging a couple messages back and forth, they agreed to meet in person. They had their first date at Devil’s Alley in Center City Philadelphia, and Ryan claims that as soon as Arielle walked up the stairs, he knew he was done dating, and would fight for her as long as she let him. Arielle needed a little more time to know he was the one, but after a weekend away in Mystic, Connecticut for a friends wedding, she knew she was never letting him go.


how they asked

Arielle knew a proposal was coming, because she hates surprises and asked Ryan for clues daily. He gave her incredibly cryptic clues, such as “you will be standing” and “you’re going to think we’re doing one thing, but it’s really another.” Arielle thought the proposal might happen when they were in Mexico. A week before their Mexico trip, Arielle’s girlfriend texted her, asking if she wanted to go to brunch to meet her new boyfriend. The four of them made plans for 10:45 that coming Saturday, and a restaurant in Old City Philadelphia.


Arielle and Ryan left their apartment at 10 am, and Arielle thought that since they were so early, they would enjoy a nice stroll. She even stopped to get a smoothie, and wondered why Ryan was rushing into the store, and walking faster than normal. But it still didn’t hit her that today was the day. As they approached Old City, they walked up to the corner where they had their first kiss, after their second date, and Arielle thought “this would be a great place for Ryan to propose.” As they walked across the street, Arielle spotted the photographer, and pointed him out to Ryan, but even then, it didn’t hit her what was going on.




Suddenly, Ryan got down on one knee, and proposed to Arielle. She has no idea what he said, because she was in such shock it was actually happening, that she blacked out. She does remember him saying, however, once she had the ring on her finger, that she still hadn’t said yes.



After she immediately sad yes, Ryan also told her that her family and friends were at a restaurant nearby, and they would go see them after taking some photos with the photographer. Arielle double checked that Ryan had asked her parents for permission, and he admitted he had met them for dinner the previous Wednesday – he had told Arielle that the flight for his business trip was at 5 pm when in fact, it was at 9. The whole weekend was a whirlwind, and both of them are incredibly happy and excited for their engagement, and also look forward to relaxing in Mexico as an engaged couple.


Special Thanks

Ryan Eda
James Allen