Arielle and Oren

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How We Met

Oren and I met when we were in fourth grade! We went to the same school but at that time we didn’t have much to do with each other. When we were in high school we slowly became friends, it was a very stereotypical ‘high school musical’ situation, I was the popular girl and he wasn’t really popular. We became friends in 9th grade and towards the beginning of our sophomore year we started dating!

how they asked

Oren proposed on our fourth anniversary! He planned a surprise anniversary day and told my sisters about it so that they would be able to pack a bag for me with all of the different outfits and things I would need! The day started very early in the morning, he picked me up and we went to the beach to watch the sunrise, then we spent time on the beach, we then had a park picnic, then we went go-carting where my siblings surprised me and met us there, from there we went to dinner on Las Olas where our parents surprised me and met us there, from there we went to my uncle’s house where he took us out on his boat on the intercostal where Oren proposed!! It was THE BEST! And finally, after the proposal Oren planned for our best friends and family to surprise me back at my uncle’s house for a little engagement party!

Later on we took some engagement photos at one of our favorite places in the world, Disney World!

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