Arielle and Matthew

How We Met

I was 18 years old at the time and went to university of New Hampshire. I was close friends with the suite of 7 guys down the hall, (where we hung out every weekend), they happened to be best friends with my future fiancé Matthew. One weekend in March Matthew came to visit them because he attended a prep school at the time for hockey. I remember we were the only ones not drinking and we stayed up talking until 3 am. The next morning I wasn’t sure if we were going to keep talking because we didn’t exchange numbers and I spent the night sleeping with my girlfriends. In the morning we all went to breakfast and when It was time to go I remember him kissing goodbye in front of all of them and I loved that he didn’t care what the others thought. He added me on snapchat and snapchated me until he asked for my number. I was going away on a service trip and wasn’t able to see him for 3 weeks but we texted called and facetimed everyday playing 20 questions and finding out everything about each other. When I saw him next it was like we knew each other forever. It was actually my birthday and he coordinated with my room mate to surprise me. I woke up with flowers and a customized vase on my desk (I attached a picture) with pictures of us. I remember knowing then that he was my person. It was 1 month together and we already said I love you, and talked about our future life together. we were attached at the hip. I remember watching the notebook together and him saying, “My teacher told me that our generation doesn’t know what real love is because we don’t write letters anymore so I’m going to write you letters”. we wrote love letters every year and we both still have them today. I ended up transferring to MCPHS in Boston and Matthew ended up doing the same instead of playing hockey and we got into the same nursing program, we are now 4 months from graduating together. For the 5 years we have been together we have spent 4 days apart and that was 4 years ago. He is my best friend who I cant imagine living 1 day without. I’m so grateful to have the love that we have and amazing families that support us and who we are so close to. I come from a family of 3 brothers and he comes from a family of 2 sisters, we are all so close and they are all in the wedding. 1 of my brothers is actually Matthews best man. I’m forever grateful for our love and the person Matthew is.

How They Asked

It was 8 am and I woke up the sound of 2 alarm clocks that Matthew set. When I woke up I saw 2 folders that had a letter A and number 1 on it next to my bed. I opened the letter (I attached a photo of what it said), and knew today was the day. Clue one read “for the first of many clues you need to meet one of your best friends at the Starbucks next to our apartment. There you will find the next clue to solve. Within 5 minutes I got a knock on the door and opened it to find my best friend with a videocamera. He had my best friend video the whole day. Each clue was a surprise, from getting my nails done with my mom and Courtney to then going to the top of the hub where his 2 sisters and my other best friend was there with champagne. He continued it with treating me and my girlfriends for lunch where he had 2 of my others best friends there at the table to surprise me. It was absolutely amazing. His 6th clue readSHOPPING TIME!!!SPEND THE NEXT COUPLE OF HOURS TO WHEREVER YOUD LIKE TO GO ON NEWBURY ST. OR IN THE COPLEY PLAZA.OF ALL PEOPLE, YOU KNOW HAVING THE PERFECT PICTURE MEANS HAVING A PERFECT OUTFIT ;)HERE IS SOME MONEY TO BUY AN ELEGANT OUTFIT THAT WILL MAKE ME WANT TO DROP TO MY KNEES. MAKE IT AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE! YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME TO SPARE! WHEN YOU ARE DONE, COURTNEY WILL HAND YOU “CLUE 7” and clue 7 was a surprise room to get ready in at the Marriot copley square hotel. Once I was done getting ready I read aloud the 8th clue which brought all of us to tears, “ARIELLE, WE SPENT SO MUCH TIME TOGETHER IN THIS CITY. OVER 900 DAYS TO BE PRECISE. DURING THIS TIME, WE SPENT MOST OF IT IN THE LIBRARY STUDYING FOR EXAMS, ATTENDING CLASSES FOR COUNTLESS HOURS, RIDING BIKES AROUND THE CHARLES RIVER, WALKING IN THE FREEZING COLD FROM THE PARKING GARAGE ON LONGWOOD JUST SO THE CAR WOULDN’T GET TOWED. I WILL NEVER FORGET WALKING TO GET ICE CREAM ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. OR PULLING ALL NIGHTERS WE STUDIED FOR EXAMS WE REALLY DIDN’T NEED TO. BUT WHAT WE HAVE LIVED AND EXPERIENCED IN THOSE DAYS WAS A CHAPTER IN OUR LIVES I WILL CHERISH AND HOLD ON TO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. ALL OF THOSE MEMORIES WE SHARED HAPPENED FOR A REASON. I AM SO AMAZED AND GRATEFUL TO WATCH YOU GROW INTO THE PERSON YOU HAVE BECOME. PRETTY SOON, OUR TIME IN THE CITY WILL COME TO AN END AND A NEW CHAPTER WILL BEGIN. IN ORDER FOR YOU TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP INTO THIS NEW CHAPTER OF OURS, YOU MUST GO TO THE FINAL CLUE AT YOUR HOME.

I came to find out that my dad and Matthew spent the day getting this night ready. We left the hotel and drove to my house. When we were a mile away my 2 friends switched drivers and I was asked to close my eyes. I did until I was asked to open them, and found a photographer capturing the moment as I followed my friends lead. She lead me to the first station which had a letter inside, after I finished reading it a trail of Christmas lights lit up that lead me to the second station. This continued to the 4th station, where the poem read, “Our future together is the next chapter in our life. You are going to be an amazing mother, but most of all a wonderful wife. Our journey has simply just begun, Take this light with you, to see of what is to come….” I took the lantern in my hand and followed the last trail of lights that lead to Matthew. When I saw him these huge letters that spelled out “MARRY ME” lit up. I remember being so excited to see him because I wanted to thank him for this unforgettable day he made and worked so hard to put together. He walked me over to the sign and thats where he spoke his loving words and got down on one knee. As soon as I cried “Yes” our families screamed congratulations out from behind the sign. He ended it with another surprise as he had his family and mine join us for this special night. We continued inside the house celebrating and the photographer taking pictures. He was so thoughtful to reach out to my 5th grade teacher who is a photographer now. Im so happy he was there to capture this special day. That was the most incredible night I ever had. I later find out that each of my brothers were the ones that plugged in the lights to go to the next station and my dad was the one who lit the “MARRY ME” lights. This day couldn’t have been more amazing and I’m so grateful he included all our families in it.

He continued to surprise me at lunch with 2 more of my best friends, after which he kindly gave me money to go find an outfit for this special night. He set up a hotel room for me and the girls to get ready right before we drove to meet him at the last clue and here is the video of the proposal st my home where both families met to see the special day.

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Arielle's Proposal in A nine hour scavenger hunt around Boston that ended with the proposal at home in Sherborn mass

Engagement Proposal Ideas in A nine hour scavenger hunt around Boston that ended with the proposal at home in Sherborn mass

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