Arielle and James

James and I met in Washington, D.C. when I moved to start an internship with a Congressman, I stayed with a friend the night before I moved into my new apartment and that’s how we met.

We started dating, and fell in love, and we are both currently in our last year of law school (him in Baltimore, me in D.C.). Photography is a small hobby of mine and the day James asked me to marry him, he proposed we do some site-seeing in D.C. before our last semester of law school started. I grabbed my camera and he recommended that I take the tripod as well because we always hate asking people to take our picture.

Up until the moment he proposed, we had taken dozens of photos and we decided that this photo would be the last one. I set the timer on the camera and walked over to him and he got down on one knee.

The picture you see was taken the moment the timer went off, the moment I kissed him and said yes.

Image 1 of Arielle and James

It was completely candid, and he tricked me into taking my own engagement photo (he’s sneaky)! The Washington Monument is my favorite in D.C., and his is the Lincoln Memorial which was on the other side of us. He proposed in between our favorite monuments, in the city we met in, and in his words, “with the blessing of America.”

Image 2 of Arielle and James