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how we met & How They Asked

It all began about 7 years ago when a group of us decided to go to the mall for an outing. This was the first time I have ever met Erik. He was a little younger than me so I never thought anything. From that day we would see each other at different parties and gatherings and would always have fun together. So we started hanging out more. As friends. Years passed and there was not a weekend that didn’t involve us hanging out. And then one day something just clicked and we realized we couldn’t go a day without seeing each other. And from then on we saw each other everyday. Who would of thought my best friend for almost 7 years would become the man of my dreams and soon to be husband. Well…everyone thought it but us. We always had people asking us if we were together, even our parents. And we always were like no, never, that’s my best friend. Come to find out he liked me since the day we met at the mall. Sometimes it takes certain situations in life to make you realize what and who matters most. IM MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND!!:))


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