Arielle and Edward

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How We Met

We met like so many other couples: online dating! I had never explored the world of Plenty of Fish, while Ed was “fishing” for a while to find the right one. Our first date was a simple night out at a local bar. We clicked and couldn’t stop talking to each other. One drink turned into several and the connection grew stronger. After 5 dates, Ed asked me to be his girlfriend. Dating/marrying a police officer creates such a special and deep relationship. Every time he leaves for work, I kiss him like it could be our last. I pray that we have the most beautiful marriage that lasts until we are old and gray. We are so lucky to have found each other in this world of so many “fish!”

how they asked

I am a 5th-grade teacher and Ed is a police officer. My assistant principal called me down to the office to discuss a student’s bad behavior. While I was meeting with her, Ed was escorted by my school principal and colleagues into my classroom. My students, who always see pictures of him and hear about him, gasped in awe. Right away, they knew what was about to happen! My assistant principal urged me to go back up to my classroom, and when I did, Ed did the most amazing thing. He brought one of my students up to the front of the class.

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Both he and the student share the same last name, Rooney. He said, “So I hear we both have the same last name. Do you think your teacher should have the same last name as us?” He then asked my students if he should ask me to marry him and they gave a resounding yes! In front of my 24 “kids,” he asked me to be his wife. It will be a moment my students will never forget.

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