Ariella and Kyle

How We Met

We met on Bumble while living in Savannah. Our first date was very fun (#TacoTuesday) but also included a pitcher of margaritas. Ariella may have had a bit too much and ended up getting sick at my apartment. They talked for a few days after that until a technological problem (Ari never got my last text…I say she ghosted me). Anyway, this was just days before Hurricane Matthew hit Savannah. Since Ariella is a meteorologist she was extremely busy. After being stuck at the station for days, Ariella texted me to see how I survived the storm. The next day they took a walk around Forsyth Park to survey the damage. Every date since has been successful. We did a year of long distance while I was serving in South Korea. We both landed jobs in North Carolina, moved in together, adopted a dog, and GOT ENGAGED! We can’t wait to spend forever together.

How They Asked

Kyle had been in conversation with my News Director and Co-Anchor about proposing to me. Kyle was off from work that Friday and, with help from Justin (co-anchor) snuck into the station. He was waiting behind the set for 50 minutes before I came in. I was frustrated because I was having a long and busy day at work, and they just told me I had to “re-record” another weather segment.

When Kyle came out behind the set I was so confused and shocked. My mood slowly shifted when I realized what was going on. The whole station was waiting behind the glass and you could hear them cheering in the background.

Our Video