Ariel and Zach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in BROOKLYN, NY

How We Met

Zach and I met in the middle of the ocean almost 7 years ago. My best friend and I decided to go on a cruise to celebrate graduating cosmetology school. There weren’t a ton of people our age on the boat, since summer had just ended and a lot of 20-somethings had gone back to college. So when we were in the casino that evening and spotted a group of guys that looked under 30 we immediately went over and decided to befriend them. Over the next 7 days we hung out with them constantly and I became particularly close with one of them. So on the last evening of the cruise I decided to shoot my shot. I ran up to Zach, jumped into his arms, and kissed him. We talked everyday after we got off the boat. He moved to Brooklyn the next month. I had always dreamed of moving to New York so 6 months later I followed.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in BROOKLYN, NY

How They Asked

It was an insanely busy Saturday for me. It was wedding season so I had done hair for two different wedding parties. Zach and I had plans to go to a friends housewarming party that evening so I was gonna come home after work, eat a little, change clothes and then head to the party. When I got home I was exhausted and hangry because I hadn’t eaten all day, so when Zach tried to take my food away so we could go and hang out on our roof I got a little feisty. I finally finished eating and we grabbed a couple of beers and headed to the roof. We do this all the time so I didn’t even think twice but when I opened the door to our roof and saw the entire roof was covered in plants and flowers I was confused. Then I looked down at our planter and saw the sign that said “marry me?” And I LOST IT. I start crying and all of the sudden my father popped up and is taking pictures and I start SOBBING. It all made sense why he had been rushing me, my dad and stepmom had been hiding on our roof for 20 minutes waiting for me to come up. I apologized for being hangry and we all split a bottle of champagne then headed down to the water to take pictures.

Special Thanks

Fred Baker
 | Photographer