Ariel and Vincent

how we met

We met in “school”. We both have a background in education; Vincent was a teacher and is now a school administrator. I (Ariel) am still a teacher in the classroom. Vincent was teaching a course to teachers who are pursuing their school building leadership license, and I took his course. After the course, months and months went by, but we stayed in touch on a platonic and professional level. Little did he know, I would often come home from class and tell my mother that he was my soulmate, if only under different circumstances. At some point, I decided to tell Vincent of my “crush” and inevitably, we went out on our first date. The rest is literally history. We live 2.5 hours apart and do not miss a weekend away from one another.

how they asked

The day of our proposal, Vincent & I went to the tattoo shop, where he tattooed my name on his bicep (this was planned prior). His daughter, Sophia, wrote my name which made it even more special. Later that day, we went to a rooftop in town where my friends emerged to surprise me. I thought the proposal was happening right then and there, but it didn’t. Then, we walked over to a restaurant/bar in town called First and South that Vincent and I frequent. At the time, my mother (also best friend) was in Israel. At First & South Vincent told me to check on the dogs using Furbo (a camera), when I turned it on the camera displayed ‘MARRY ME’, Vincent had set up light up marquee letters in front of the camera. THEN, my mother opened the door and came to surprise me. It was truly an out of body experience moment. One that I won’t ever forget.

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