Ariel and Patrick

How We Met

From Ariel: It was my first job after grad school – he was my “work crush” who I used to gush to my friends about. I never in a million years thought we would date, let alone get married.

From Patrick: We were fortunate enough to work together. It was love at first sight – however neither of us new the other felt the same until way later.

How They Asked

From Ariel: We went to Italy for a 2 week vacation. Right before we left I made him promise not to propose (I didn’t want him to feel like he had to propose just because we were in Italy). We had an amazing trip and on our last night – in Florence, where I studied abroad – he proposed while we watched the sun set. It was perfect.

From Patrick: Ariel’s dream is to run an engagement business, where she helps guys create the ultimate engagement. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, I came up with a great idea that she (unknowingly) wouldn’t let me follow through on. So, I had to come up with plan B. At this point I enlisted the help of her best friends. Together, Ariel’s friends led me to a meaningful point in Ariel’s past. The problem was – this point was in Italy. I don’t believe Ariel knew a proposal was coming, as she had repeatedly told me not to propose in Italy (and I said I couldn’t, as I “didn’t have a ring”). Then, on the last day of our vacation in Italy, I took her to the most romantic spot in Florence, that had sentimental value to her, set up my tripod, and got down on one knee. I blacked out after that, but know she said yes.

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
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