Ariel and Jeffery

How We Met

Jeff and I (so gratefully) met through a mutual friend. My first ever blind date turned my last first date. We meet on a Saturday and by the next Sunday, we had 4 more dates. Though it wasn’t the fun that I was attracted to, it was the fact that each date got longer and longer, filled with some one the most honest and authentically aligned conversation I had ever had.

how they asked

Jeff and I had been dating not too long when we both realized this was the real deal. Everything seemed to be so much better when we did it together. From traveling, checking things off of our individual bucket lists to watching movies at home and taking walks in our neighborhood – our relationship is filled with trust, respect, and compassion. He inspires me with adventure and comforts me with stability.

After a week of work we jetted off to Savannah, GA – a place I had been really looking forward to visit – for a weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary. We started our first day with a delicious brunch as the cutest vintage diner. Next we headed into town for sightseeing a shopping (my two favorite things).

After a busy we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. Then we hopped in a cab to head to dinner – on our way Jeff suggested we make a quick stop in Forsyth Park. I reluctantly OK’ed it as I wanted to be sure we were on time for dinner! Either way I caved, and we hopped out to see the water fountain.

We we walked to the fountain we saw a wedding rehearsal – we gushed about how romantic it would be to get married in this tree lined park surrounded by our friends and family. We kept walking and now I need to take a selfie – over to the right Jeff spotted a photographer who looked as though she was waiting for the wedding party to finish – so he suggested we ask her for a photo. She snapped a great photo of us and on we went to the water feature.

Image 1 of Ariel and Jeffery

We stood in front we stood in front of the 150 year old fountain just taking the moment in, in silence… and then Jeff turned to me… the moment I looked in his eyes I knew it was happening. He in that moment got on one knee and ask me to marry him.

For me everything was still, I heard every single word he spoke and responded with an immediate YES after at lease one (maybe 10) kiss!

I will never forget a second of that night…

Image 2 of Ariel and Jeffery

Image 3 of Ariel and Jeffery

Image 4 of Ariel and Jeffery

Image 5 of Ariel and Jeffery

Image 6 of Ariel and Jeffery

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