Ariel and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met while I was getting my undergraduate degree from LSU through one of our mutual friends. At first, I was not interested as he tried to pursue me, but through a string of events, we kept seeing more of each other. We went to visit his parents who live in Virginia in the Fall of 2013. I say that’s when I really fell in love with him, getting to see him in his hometown. I would wait an entire year to tell my parents. See, the south isn’t always friendly with interracial couples, but when I did tell my parents, I realized how crazy I was. My parents loved Jared! After I graduated in May 2014, I decided to move back home, and I got a job teaching special education at a local school. After a short long-distance relationship, he finally moved to Lake Charles with me later that year and we began a new chapter of our lives! We bought a house, I started working towards my masters, he started going to school, and then found a new church! We really have started to build a wonderful life together!

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how they asked

We were in Baton Rouge to spend some time with our friends. The story was that Saturday, two of our best friends were planning to take their own engagement pictures. We were going to be there with them, so we could all go together to watch the LSU baseball game after. Candice and I went to brunch together while Jared and Sean went to “scope out picture spots”. When I got to LSU, it had already started to rain a little. Candice seemed to be panicking because we were running a little late. I tried calming her down by singing the song that says “it’s like rain on your wedding day” and telling her the pictures would be stunning no matter what. I walked out into the Quad to see Sean and Jared…no photographer. I start to panic for Candice too, and Sean explains that the photographer canceled. Then he does this bird call noise to signal everyone to come out of hiding. Their are covered arches that surround the Quad and all of my family and friends were hiding behind them. Jared had our friend Bryan video and hold this speaker that was playing Jared’s favorite song for me. At this time, he gets down on one knee and tells me he wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else. I couldn’t be happier to have said yes to this amazing guy!

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