Ariel and Hunter

How We Met: When I was 17 I started riding at a barn in chesterfield called Brandywine Farm which is owned by the Kinch family. I started working in the work-study program there and and one day covered in sweat and mud and God knows what else, I noticed the youngest Kinch boy named Hunter who was 19 at the time washing his new white lifted 1996 F250 diesel truck in the driveway. I was love struck.

Image 1 of Ariel and Hunter

I thought he was so handsome with this dark curls and dark brown eyes. He saw me and smiled and waved and I was mortified. I knew I looked like an absolute wreck! A few days later a bunch of the girls that worked at the farm were staying over night anxiously awaiting the birth of a new foal. As most girls were gathered in the living room watching the camera feed in hopes of the mare’s water breaking before midnight (like that would happen).

Image 2 of Ariel and Hunter

I went into the kitchen with a few of the girls to get some food and Hunter was standing right there! He knew a few of the girls that had been riding at the barn for awhile so we all stood around talking for awhile and later that night I made it to one of the girls that I thought he was so adorable and I would love to get to know him a little bit better and fortunately she decided to play matchmaker and told him that I said that!

So we girls were all out to dinner one night a few days later and I went to the bathroom and I came back and there he was sitting in my seat with this big smile on his face! And after a completely awkward dinner we decided to go on a date with just us two (which was so much more fun!) and the rest is history! Next month will be our five year anniversary!

how they asked: The way he asked for both of us! He of course asked my dad first like all southern gentleman should And it was absolutely perfect, he made no production out of it, it was just me and him the way that we’ve always seen each other, partners.

Image 3 of Ariel and Hunter

Sure we have great family that could’ve been there to cheer us on but he knew that it would mean more to me just to have him there! When I was convinced was going to be the most boring and rainy Fourth of July weekend ever ended up starting out is the best weekend of my life!

Image 4 of Ariel and Hunter