Ariel and David

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How We Met

David and I met on Tinder! Our very first meeting with March 1, 2015 at a corner pub on a Sunday night after his hockey game. After that date, we never stopped seeing each other.

how they asked

Our anniversary is March 1 and my birthday is March 4th. He was in Germany this year during our anniversary and my birthday. He told me he was going to take me out once he got back and that my birthday gift was in our house. I was expecting a date night and I was hoping my birthday gift were tickets to the play The Book of Morman! On Saturday March 24th he said he had a few things planned for us. We went bowling for a few hours and then we went to Barnes and Noble. He told me we had time to do one more thing before dinner. He and I are from Cincinnati, Ohio and we do everything Cincinnati. One of the big staples of the city is the Carew Tower. It is a tall building that you can go on the roof and see a beautiful view of the city and Kentucky. He suggested we go up there. First of all we couldn’t figure out where the building was! It was raining/snowing so we kept trying to look into the sky to find it but we couldn’t see. We finally found it and went to the 46th (I don’t remember how many floors) to the observation deck. There was a fee to go out there and of course they only take cash which neither of us had. So we had to go back down all the way to find an atm. We got cash and went all the way back up. We paid out $8 and finally made it to the observation deck. I was busy admiring the view when he said “so..I brought you up here for a reason.” That is when he pulled out the beautiful ring that he picked out all by himself and asked me to marry him! We decided it would have been best to stand in the middle of a puddle. He started to get down on one knee but I didn’t want his pants to freeze! It was beautiful! I was not expecting it at all. He then told me that he has a surprise birthday party waiting for me with our friends and families at a local brewery. I asked him if they know he was going to propose and the only other person that knew was my dad. David and I pulled up to the brewery and walked in. Everyone yelled “surprise happy birthday”. I yelled “surprise” and showed off that sparkling ring. It was a the best day ever! Having a party ready to celebrate was amazing! I am so lucky to call him my fiance!