Ariel and Daryl

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How We Met

Daryl and I first met in May of 2011 from two mutual friends, he was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college. He was actually dating someone else and they broke up. After they broke up Daryl and I started talking and getting to know each other more. On July 18, 2011 he asked me out , we spent the date close to home to get dinner and then we went for a swim in his pool . While in his pool we just talked and at really got to know what the other person was like. At that time I fell in love with Daryl . Over the next 4 years of dating we were always there for each other, we have done everything and have been through pretty much everything together and we got trough what ever life threw at us. We were each others best friends and sole mates.

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how they asked

The day started off pretty normal or at least I thought. We always went to the lighthouse to walk and relax by the beach and I always mentioned to him how romantic it would be too look down and see someone get engaged but I didn’t think he was listening because I always said crazy things like that. But on July 18, 2015 our 4 year anniversary Daryl decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. So that morning Daryl, his brother, his brothers girlfriend and I all went to barneget lighthouse for a normal day I thought I never really realized what was happening even when we got there and he kept saying don’t look down but I thought that was because he was afraid ( Daryl is afraid of heights) but after climbing 200+ steps to the top of the light house Daryl told me to look down and in the sand it read ” will you marry me ariel?” I then looked to my right and there Daryl was down on one knee asking for me to spend my life with him forever while presenting me with the most gorgeous ring ever. I was so excited and shocked I began to cry but I also managed to scream from the top of the lighthouse ” I said yes!! ” that is when everyone cheered and congratulated us. It was the most magical and romantic day ever, I will never forget it.

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