Ariel and Chris

Where to Propose in Disney

How We Met

It was honestly fate that we met, I was at a bar that I normally frequent and was just with some friends. I kept looking over and seen him with some of my other friends. I had never seen him before so I was curious who he was and immediately start questioning my friends, apparently he was doing the same! At the end of the night we were standing outside getting ready to leave and he came up to me and asked my name and when I told him he called me his Disney princess and asked for my number, from then on we have been inseparable!

how they asked

He planned a trip to Disney and Universal for Halloween and I thought we were just going on a random trip. We spent everyday at Universal except the Saturday we went to Disney. He told me he wanted to take a video in front of the castle for his mom so as we are standing there with hundreds of people around he gets down on one knee!

Our Video

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