Ariel and Charlie

Image 3 of Ariel and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and I met in college in Canterbury in 2014… I was starting my master’s degree and he was finishing his undergrad. We met through a mutual friend (my classmate, his roommate). We exchanged details and a few days later he reached out to say “Are you free next week? I know a great place for coffee and chocolate.” How could anyone say no to that?

How They Asked

Every year we have a tradition of going away for our anniversary in March. First-year was Paris, then Venice, then Copenhagen, then Thailand, then Sri Lanka for year 5! This year things didn’t quite work out as we planned (thanks 2020!), and we spent most of the year at home like everyone else. In the U.K., the travel bans have been pretty strict, so when we found some time to finally make a trip in October our options were pretty limited.

Image 1 of Ariel and Charlie

Image 2 of Ariel and Charlie

But we noticed Greece was one of the few permitted countries, and Santorini has been a dream destination for me since I was a child! It was amazing to ‘get out of the house’ after a very difficult year, and just soak in the sunshine, eat gyros, and enjoy each other’s company. One night, Charlie set up his tripod to take our photo in front of the sunset, with a beautiful backdrop of Oía behind us. Much to my surprise, he was actually filming! After taking a few ‘photos’ he kneeled in front of me and proposed!

Image 4 of Ariel and Charlie