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How We Met

After giving my life to the Lord in the summer of 2016, I made a list. It was actually an email to a friend. This “list” contained, in detail, all the traits and expectations I was looking for in my future husband… down to clothes, hair, eye color, the need for him to be family oriented and of course he had to love Jesus first and foremost… I even specified that he had to have nice hands and feet. I sent this email requesting a confirmation that my God could fulfill all my silly requirements. In return, I received an email back saying, “God has someone just for you, trust him”.

That same summer, Emma (my daughter), was attending Summer Camp and would tell me every day how she wanted me to marry “Mr. Bice.” I would proceed to tell her that I didn’t know him and he, I’m sure, would be way too young for me anyways. It was strange to me that Emma would be so fond of someone, so much, that she would be willing to share me (something she doesn’t like doing.)

Fast forward a month or so, and, the same friend that I sent that email to would then tell me how he was made aware that I followed “Mr. Bice” on Instagram. Apparently, they were close and just so happened to be hanging out that afternoon. Bryce, considering I opened the door to engaging conversation, sent me a picture of my baby in her backpack on his back. Both of which were smiling from ear to ear. I didn’t find it a big deal, however, it became a story I’ll tell till I enter Heavens Gates. Anyways, back to the point, he told me that Bryce would start playing in worship with our Church starting that Wednesday night. That was the start to, “us.” Bryce came off the stage that night and sat right beside me on the very front row. The only thought running through my mind was “what is he doing?” This became the norm as he sat beside me every time we met at church. One thing led to another and soon he would become my BEST FRIEND.

Over the past two years of my life, I have discovered what Love truly is… how God intends for a couple to love one another. My silly list seemed like such a huge request and an impossibility to find all these things (most dumb selfish request) in one person. It was almost like I was testing God. He says he wants to give us the desires of our hearts, right? So, could he grant my every wish? Oh, but he did! And so much more than that! He gave me more than I could have ever imagined. A love that I didn’t know existed. A human-made specifically for me, not perfect.. but perfect in all ways for me. I have never met anyone with a more precious soul than the one I will share my last name with.

Bryce, you are mine forever. You have been my forever since I realized that you were my best friend, the only one I could talk to and not worry about judgment, the only friend I knew who would truly deeply pray for me, for God’s will for me. You were there for me and with me through one of the toughest times in my life… when I walked from darkness into God’s never-ending love and Grace. You’ll never know what you mean to me. There’s one thing I promise though, I will spend every day for the rest of eternity proving my love for you. I could go on for days and never scratch the surface of how much I truly, deeply, love you.

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Now for the details on the engagement. It was night 3 vacation. We were supposed to be going out to eat at a super nice restaurant, so, I asked my sweet friend Stephanie to do my makeup. We went to her hotel around 5:00 and were to be ready by 7:00. Blake (Bryce’s cousin) texted to see if we were ready and said Emma had put in for Bryce to stay with her at the house so he would just come, get us and we would all meet for pictures.

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The “pictures” were a last-minute decision since we were all dressed up to go out to eat. When we showed up at the beach Stephanie was desperately trying to keep me distracted saying she thought her nose was bleeding and as we were making our way over to the boardwalk, I never noticed the music playing or anything suspicious until I was there, standing in a little sandy path that would lead me to the love of my life where he would get on one knee and ask me to spend forever with him. I will never be able to express the way I felt. It was like something you read about in books, see in movies, or someone you don’t know, pins on their Pinterest board. The actual set up was perfect, flawless and beyond my wildest dreams. The way my heart felt is just simply unexplainable.

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Thank you to my already family, the Gilbert’s and Turner’s for capturing the most perfect, priceless photos and videos. Thank you, Clayton for pressing play on the Bluetooth speaker at the perfect moment, which by the way said he was so nervous he could feel his heartbeat in his left sock, HILARIOUS! Thank you to my future mother in law for yet again pulling together the unimaginable. It was all so breathtakingly beautiful. And to my future husband, thank you for loving me unconditionally, for choosing me to be your wife. I promise I will love you through every walk of this beautiful, crazy life. BELIEVE IT (in the voice of Naruto) to the world you are just one person, but to me, you are my world! I love you so much Christopher Bryce Prevatt. I can’t wait to be your wife.

P.S. Bryce has exceptional hands and feet!


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