Ariel and Brett

How We Met

Brett and I met in college; I was a freshman, he was a junior. We had mutual friends and casually crossed paths one night on the way to the dinning hall. There, we were introduced to one another and became friends instantly. That was in the Fall of 2011, in the Summer of 2012 we began to pursue the idea of dating once we got back to school and in the Fall of 2012, we began dating.


how they asked

I had flown out to see Brett for my spring break in March of 2013. We were long distance at the time since he graduated in December of 2012, he went back home to California and I was still in school in Oklahoma. We had been talking about rings and weddings for WEEKS leading up to this trip and I had already sent him the link of the ring that I wanted (I was under the impression that once I got there we’d go look at different rings). I flew in on Saturday March 16th and I wasn’t feeling well so we went home and relaxed all day. Sunday night came and one of our favorite things to do was grab a bunch of blankets and look at the stars (we did that a lot while dating since we were poor college kids). Once it was dark we went out to a park near his house and laid down a bunch of blankets and began looking at the stars. We were taking pictures and talking. I went to lie down and suddenly there was a big flash, like the camera had reflected off the blanket. I sat up and asked Brett, “What was that flash? What did you take a picture of?”, he sort of stumbled through his words telling me he took a picture of his shoe, I laughed, and Brett insisted I look at the pictures. I agreed and the first picture that came up was the last picture taken. It was of the ring I wanted. I looked at Brett and asked, “What is this?!?” And he replied, while practically shoving the ring in my face, “A RING!”. He got on his knee and continued with the question and I said yes!