Ariel and Brandon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dark Hallow Falls

How We Met

Brandon and I met in 2014, I was out with my best friends celebrating a birthday in my group. He was out and about with some old friends (they all went to Virginia Tech together). We randomly met at a quite little bar in the city of Norfolk. It ended with me giving him my phone number.

how they asked

November 4th 2017 Brandon asked me if I wanted to go on a hike in the morning. (and us being the adventuress type, this was no surprise) I replied “Sure where should we go?” He says “I have an idea”. And that was that we kept on watching Football and eating snacks on our sofa. The next day we wake up and start driving I ask “So what’s the plan?” in which he says “Blue Ridge Mountains, there are water falls I want to show you”. Two plus hours later we arrive and start our hike. (I HAD NO CLUE WHAT WAS COMING) It was a beautiful day, As we walk we stop and sit on rocks and talk like we always do on our hikes. We arrive at the 100ft water fall and we are looking up at and he says “Let’s get closer” so we go up and around to get a better view. We are now standing on a rock right where the water from the falls are landing, We are so close the water is slashing us slightly. We stand there for about 2 minutes talking and taking in the views. Then he says “Look at that” and points to the forest away from us. I look and see nothing but trees and rocks….and he says “Are you having fun?” as I am turning around back to him I say “Yes I am!” then he says “Want to have Fun forever?” I see him down on one knee with an opened box and Ring inside. I then out of shock say “Oh my gosh, is this real life!?” He says “Ariel will you marry me?” I let out a little scream then mutter out a “YES”