Ariel and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I met when I switched schools in the 8th grade. He attended a local private school his entire life, and in the 8th grade I moved there as well. Attending a small private school meant everyone became like family. Blake and I were friends for several years, but he was always soft spoken and pretty shy. As we got older I began noticing him a little differently than I had before. He started pursing me our junior year of high school. I played on the school’s softball team, and he made a point to come to every single game to watch me play. We started going on dates and texting around the clock. I began falling pretty hard. There was only one problem. He refused to make things official, and it was driving me insane! Like I said before he was pretty shy. It wasn’t that he didn’t want commitment or wasn’t sure about being with me. He just honestly wanted the moment of asking me to be his girlfriend to be special and romantic. However, I am a very impatient and stubborn red head who doesn’t do well when I don’t get my way. I was so confused as to why he couldn’t just ask me the simple question. It came time for our junior prom and he had still not asked me to be his girlfriend. I just knew the night of prom would be the special night. I had swore if he didn’t do it that night I would just step up and ask him myself. I mean its the 21st century that’s allowed right??? The night came and went, and I off course didn’t have the guts to do it. I was so frustrated and upset, but two days later he came over to my family’s lake house and finally asked the long waited for question of “will you be my girlfriend”. Little did I know 2 and a half years later he would be asking me an even bigger question.

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Ariel's Proposal in My backyard

how they asked

It was the summer of 2016 and Blake and I had been dating for for about 2 and a half years when we started talking about marriage. We had known each other for 6 years at this point and knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We began looking at rings together and talking about where we saw ourselves in the future. Blake is a very private, tender, and quiet soul so I was really eager to see how he would decide to propose. I love those qualities in Blake, and he loves to be romantic and surprise me with things. However, I on the other hand HATE surprises and I beg Blake to tell me everything if he knows a secret or is hiding something fun from me. I knew I couldn’t ruin this special moment though so I tried very hard to hold my tongue and not ask a bunch of questions. I had no idea when he was going to pop the question or how he was going to do it. I just knew it would probably be before Christmas. A few months passed and I knew Blake had purchased a ring (back to the hating secrets part), but again I was clueless on anything else. I knew he would want something very romantic, and I had requested it be photographed so I could have someone catch the special moment. We had also discussed how neither of us wanted it to happen at a restaurant with a bunch of strangers staring at us. Anyway, it was now October and I was getting pretty anxious. One weekend he told be he was going to take me out for a “special” date. Well he kinda spoiled the surprise by calling it a “special date” in the middle of October, so I figured something was up. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, so I started getting really nervous. I was texting one of my friends the entire evening keeping her updated while we tried to figure out what he was planning. After we left my house he took us to The Melting Pot (one of our favorites). I was a little thrown off by this since we had specifically said we didn’t want a proposal at a restaurant, but I just went with it. I could tell he was super nervous, but I was super confused as to what he was doing. We had our dinner, with no proposal, and he said that we could leave. At this point I figured he was going to take me somewhere special to pop the question. I was far from right. We got back in the car and he started taking me back home! I texted my friend completely panicking and confused telling her “He is taking me home! What is going on???”. I knew the only other possible thing he could be doing is proposing at my house. Like I stated before, I had asked him to have it photographed, so I looked to see where my best friend was (using the iPhone Find My Friends) because she does photography and I knew if he had done what I asked it would either be with her or his mom. We were in my neighborhood when I tracked her, and sure enough just hours before she had turned her location off. At this moment my stomach started getting full of butterflies. I know you are all thinking I shouldn’t have been so nosy and I should have just let him surprise me, but that is just not possible for me. I sat in the car giddy as could be as we pulled up to the drive way. That was when all my expectations flew out the window and he exceeded them all. I looked out the window and saw two strands of Christmas lights laying on the ground forming a path into my back yard. In the middle of the path were rose petals in the shape of arrows.

He took my hand and led me to the backyard. Our entire families stood on the back porch (including our older brothers who drove 3 and 6 hours just to be there for this special moment) with huge smile on their faces. The path led to the stone patio that was lined with candle votives and filled with rose petals in the center. There were pictures everywhere from our 2 and a half years together. He led me into the center of the patio, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

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